the Lunatic Cafe by LK Hamilton

In the first three books of this series, Laurell K. Hamilton introduces us to her society. In Guilty Pleasures, we’re introduced to Anita and the vampires she has always hated. In The Laughing Corpse, we are shown the darker side of Anita’s power as well as glimpse of the real Anita Blake. In Circus Of The Damned, we get a closer look at the new vampire regime. While we were at the Circus Of The Damned, we were introduced to a few of the werewolves of St. Louis. Now in Hamilton’s fourth novel, the Lunatic Cafe, we are introduced to the rest of the shapeshifters of St. Louis, most notably, the werewolf pack.

The local werewolves and the other shapeshifters of St. Louis have a problem and they do not trust the police to handle it with the special care that is required. However, they have no problem involving Anita Blake. Eight shifters have disappeared and no one knows why. There has been no signs of struggles or of the bodies and the community is starting to get nervous. As Anita begins the investigation, another problem has asserted itself. Jean-Claude has gotten tired of waiting to see what becomes of the relationship between Anita and Richard. Revelations are made and solutions are made, but nothing leaves any of the situations in a good light.

The Lunatic Cafe is the turning point within the series and we begin to see how new relationships are formed and how old ones begin to disintegrate. As sparks turn into flames, the action is getting all more serious and so are the romances.

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