As some may know, Jesse and I have been having a little trouble coming up with a name for the second monkey who will be invading out hour come August.  After discussing it a little on the Facebook page (yes I’m active there), the idea was thrown out to have a baby naming contest and a pool.  It sounded like a good idea, so I did it.

A month later, and over 100 suggestions, Jesse and I picked a name.  Sort of.  We’re not settling, we really do like it and Ian loves it, however we’re still trying to find a good middle name.  We have one that we like, but there are times I feel like the flow is off.  Unless we find something different for the middle name, we’re going with:

Simon Isaac

So what do you think?  It meets all of our naming criteria – a pronounceable name, no one we know closely has it, it’s not in the Top 50 of any baby name list and it uncommon enough to satisfy me while still being a common name for Jesse.  Yes, we were being picky on the name, but hey, this kid is going to have to live with it his entire life.  Plus, our son is just ecstatic over the name.  He’s a huge fan of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

That means the naming portion of the Baby Pool has been concluded and we do have a winner.  Strangely enough, only one person suggested the name Simon.  So the winner of the first gift card is Sharon (sstogner1)!  Sharon, please send me an email at jackie AT literaryescapism DOT com with wherever you would like your gift-card to be from.  As long as I can order it online, you have your pick.  If I don’t hear from you in one week, I’ll send one from Barnes & Noble.

Even though the naming portion of the contest is still over, there is still one more $15 gift-card up for grabs.  The baby pool is still open and won’t close until Simon is born.  Here are the details again:

Its the classic baby pool – guess the weight and date of birth.  That’s it.  Initially, this wasn’t in my plans, but the comment was left that if I’m going to do a name the baby contest, I might as well do a pool as well.  Hence the reason there is two gift certificates instead of one.  That’s right, the second gift card will go to the winner of the pool.  This side of the contest will stay open until the monkey pops out, obviously since we won’t know the stats until then.  Here are some stats we do know.

  • That’s obviously me with the bump.  The picture was taken on April 10th, so it’s still fairly new.
  • My due date is August 26th, but Ian showed up 2 weeks early.
  • Ian’s weight at birth – 7lbs and 15oz

If you want to enter, all you have to do is fill out the form below:

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    • Honestly, I’ve never gotten the whole “the name doesn’t fit” thing. When Ian was born, I never thought that he didn’t look like an Ian. He had already been Ian to both Jesse and I for a couple of months, so that was who he was. Any other name would have seemed weird.

  1. The rule-of-thumb my wife inherited was “Imagine your child’s name on a business card.” Sounds like you have a winner.

    Too bad we can’t name our son Isaac. :(

  2. Well Jackie, it’s been forever and a day since I’ve left a comment here. (Sorry! I’ve been feeling rather antisocial. LOL)

    Congrats on the upcoming little monkey. :D

    I like the name Simon Isaac. It’s not too common and Simon can be shortened to Si for a nice little nickname. I think the reason the name may sometimes sound “off” to you is because Simon is a bell sound (the ‘on’ reverberates even when you finish saying it) and Issac is a blunt stop (the tongue literally snips the name as ‘ac’). However, both have two syllables, so they do frame each other nicely. :)

    When it came time to name my niece and nephew I suggested that my sisters ask themselves, “If it were a melody, is it a melody you’d want to listen to for the rest of your life?” (Cheesy, I know, but I like to think it helped.)

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