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You know how when you start something new and it seems like it’s going to be really easy and then it turns out not to be?  Yeah, that has happened here at LE.  While I was switching over to the new email address (everyone has it, right – jackie AT literaryescapism dot com?), I tried switching over the calendar of author appearances too.  Guess what I ended up losing?  That’s right, the entire schedule of authors who will be appearing on LE over the next couple of months.  I’ve been pouring through all of my emails, trying to find all the dates that were promised to people and I think I have most of them, but I’m not entirely sure.

If we’ve scheduled a stop at LE sometime in the future and you don’t see your name on the following list, would you please contact me?  Here’s the schedule that I was able to recover:

  • 6/1: Jenna Black – Glimmerglass (Interview)
  • 6/3: Jennifer Estep – Web of Lies (Guest Author)
  • 6/8: Carrie Lofty – Song of Seduction (Guest Author)
  • 6/10: Juliet Blackwell – Secondhand Spirits (Guest Author)
  • 6/15: Shannon Delaney – 13 to Life (Guest Author)
  • 6/17: Jackie Kessler – Shades of Gray (Interview)
  • 6/22: Ashlyn Chase – Strange Neighbors (Guest Author)
  • 6/24: Todd Newton – The Ninth Avatar (Guest Author)
  • 6/29: Nicole Peeler – Tracking the Tempest (Interview)
  • 7/1: Jessa Slade – Forged by Shadows (Guest Author)
  • 7/6: Loucinda McGary – The Wild Irish Sea (Guest Author)
  • 7/8: Chloe Neill – Twice Bitten (Guest Author)
  • 7/13: Kathryne Kennedy – The Fire Lord’s Lover (Guest Author)
  • 7/15: Vivi Anna – The Vampire’s Kiss (Guest Author)
  • 8/3: Meagan Hatfield – Shadow of a Vampire (Interview)
  • 8/17: Vicki Pettersson – Cheat the Grave (Interview)
  • 8/24: Ann Aguirre – Killbox (Interview)
  • 9/7: Zoe Archer – Warrior (Interview)
  • 9/28: Kalayna Price – Grave Witch (Guest Author)
  • 10/21: Jackie Kessler – Hunger (Guest Author)

This leaves me with 4 open spots in July.  That sounds right, but I really don’t want to leave anything to chance either.  At the same time, if no one claims them, that means I have 5 spots open through August 1st.

This is also a reminder, if any author would like to set up a guest article for August, please contact me soon.  I will need to have all the articles by August 1st in order to get them set up and scheduled.  Simon will be making his appearance in August and I have no clue when that will be (but I’m hoping for sooner)

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