Key to Justice by T. Gryphon

When I started to read Key to Justice by Talia Gryphon, I got the feeling that I was missing a whole lot of back story. Turns out, with this being the fourth book in the series, that I wasn’t too far of the mark. Maybe if I had read this series from book one then I would’ve liked Key to Justice more than I did, but sadly that just wasn’t the case.

Psychologist to the paranormal Gillian Key has a new patient. He is a vampire who calls himself Csangal, but he is also a creature hiding his true motives—and his true identity: Dracula.

I’m not gonna say that it was all bad. There were certainly some good points going for Key to Justice. Like the action sequences were pretty detailed and exciting. Then there was the author’s extensive knowledge of the weaponry that I found impressive.  It was everything in between that became a problem.

The first thing that bothered me was that I really didn’t like any of the characters.  My not having read any of the previous books could have played a part in this, but whatever it was I just wasn’t able to empathize.

Then there was the fact that this almost seemed like two stories in one. The story started off one way, and then halfway through it was over making room for a new story that had almost nothing to do with what was happening in the beginning. There were just no apparent segue-ways, and that bothered me.

Key to Justice is a book that seemed to have promise, but actually fell a little flat. If you’re able to ignore the characters, the action wasn’t too bad. However I just couldn’t get over my dislike of them. Any fans of this series feel free to disagree, but sadly Gillian Key and the gang just wasn’t able to get me anywhere near excited for this series.

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Key to Justice