ReVamped Fury

Check out the new shiny! The final novel in Anya Bast’s Element Witches has one awesome cover. What do you think?  Witch Fury will be out June 2, 2009.


Check out the other piece of shiny goodness to land on the bookshelves.  JF Lewis’s second novel, Revamped, has a great new cover and will be out March 10, 2009.

SciFiGuy always has the best news. It seems Fox is going to be getting involved in the vampire film wave, but they are going their own way by introducing Bitches. It’s a “a dramedy about a quartet of female friends in New York who are werewolves.” So while not vampire, they are doing something a little different by going the shapeshifter way. The Hollywood reporter has a little more info on the subject. I went over to IMDB to see if there was anything else on it and I can’t seem to find anything yet. There was something for a production done in the Netherlands back in 2004 by the same title, but there was little information on that as well, so we’re going to be in the dark for awhile.

I saw this over at Urban Fantasy Land and had to spread the news…Sherrilyn Kenyon’s publisher is looking for summaries of Dark-Hunter novels, written by fans. How cool is that. Here’s the info:

We are seeking committed, skilled fans to write short synopsis of their favorite Sherrilyn Kenyon books. Every synopsis written will be reviewed by Sherrilyn’s own editor, and the best ones will be selected as official Dark Hunter summaries. These summaries will be posted online in multiple locations—our website, Wikipedia, Facebook, and more—to catch new readers up on the series.

Summaries should:
* Range from 300—500 words
* Include FULL information about the book’s major plot points (don’t worry about ‘spoilers’)
* Be sent to Macmillan ( no later than January 15th, 2008
* Be available to Macmillan and Sherrilyn Kenyon rights-free, for posting online at several different sites, including Wikipedia, Facebook, Myspace, and more

If you would like to participate, please send an email to me [Ben Rubinstein, Digital Marketing Assistant, ] or indicating the book(s) you would like to cover.

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