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Before we get to the winners for Strange Neighbors, have you check out this weeks contests yet?

Now, without further delay…last week, LE welcomed author, Ashlyn Chase to the floor, who was celebrating the release of her new novel – Strange Neighbors. While Ashlyn was here, we decided to give away two copies of Strange Neighbors to two lucky readers.  In order to enter, everyone had to answer the question: What kind of neighbors do you find strange? What do you think of Ashlyn’s Strange Neighbors? Now, without further ado, the winners are:

MARIANNA G. who said: I have a lot of neighbors I never even see, so I find that strange. I know when some of my neighbors are around because I hear screaming matches, but I still never see anyone. We had a neighbor once, who we said made “meat pies” out of the little boys he liked to keep company with.

KISAH who said: oh this sounds great! i can’t wait to read it!

the strangest neighbor i had (actually, my fiance had, but i was there all the time anyway) was a mentally disturbed guy that lived beneath us and would scream very colorful language at 2 and 3 in the morning – so loud it was like he was in our apartment – and we had to call the cops numerous times….he finally got evicted.

Congratulations Marianna and kisah!

Winners! You have one week to send me an email at jackie AT literaryescapism DOT com, otherwise I’ll draw a new name when I post the current contest winners next weekend.

As always, I determined the winners by inputting all the entries into the List Randomizer, scrambling it up a couple of times, and then had the Research Randomizer pick a number.

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  1. I have the usual kind of strange neighbours. The kind who play loud music or do DIY at weird hours of the day.
    Or the one neighbour who loves to tell what I need to fix, which should be helpful but is just annoying, especially coming from the guy who builds everything in his yard from found junk and has filled his garden the ugliest plants in all creation.

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