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Boleyn: Tudor VampireToday, Literary Escapism is excited to welcome Cinsearae S, author of Boleyn: Tudor Vampire, to the floor.

Tudor England. It is during the reign of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. As her time in power nears an end, Anne is greatly disheartened by the false accusations of adultery, high treason and incest she is arrested for, and the cold-heartedness of her father for his lack of defense in her honor. Upon her death, she vows revenge on those who have wronged her, and the simple change of her death sentence from beheading to hanging grants her the opportunity to execute her wish on those who betrayed her.

Unknown forces of inconceivable dark magic abounds. Anne discovers she has risen from her grave because of her denouncement of God just moments before her hanging, and resurrects two others from their untimely, wrongful deaths–her brother, George, and her favorite court musician and dear friend, Mark Smeaton. This unlikely trio will drive Whitehall Palace to madness, bringing those closest to Anne to their knees, begging for mercy and forgiveness.

Make sure you stick around to the end. We’ll be giving away a fabulous prize pack including a necklace earring set, hand made by Cinsearae S herself, to a lucky reader.

Anne Boleyn – “The Most Happy”

If Anne truly was ‘The Most Happy”, her happiness didn’t last for long. Unwillingly placed into a political position of power, she became a pawn in her uncle and father’s ploy to rise to power themselves. This, in the end, would be a dangerous game that cost their niece and daughter her very life.

She was said to have charmed and wooed King Henry for seven years before marrying him in 1533, and that road to marriage was paved with scandal, even more so afterwards. She had a huge involvement in the religious reformations that eventually severed Tudor England from the Catholic church, and many were not fond of the idea of Anne replacing the Queen Katharine, a devout Catholic and devoted wife, whom Henry had sent away in order to be with Anne in the first place.

With no male heirs, and a promise from Anne that she would bear him a son, imagine Henry’s dismay when she did not abide by her own promise, and gave birth to a girl instead. After several more attempts at having a male child with no success, Henry’s love for Anne began to grow colder, their relationship became stormier, and her worries increased.

Soon after, Henry’s eyes fell on one of Anne’s ladies-in-waiting (a demure and gentle Jane Seymour, who was said to have been placed in such a charge by Henry himself), and Anne’s downfall quickly followed. Accusation after accusation followed–adulterer, witch, high treason, and even having been involved an incestuous relationship with her own brother George, not to mention having failed at giving Henry a son. All the men blamed of having carnal relations with Anne were beheaded, and Anne herself was beheaded on May 19th, 1536. Her three year-reign was at an end.

Boleyn: Tudor Vampire is an alternate-reality, dark fantasy, where a ‘what-if’ tale has been spun. Accused of so many wrongdoings, but having her death sentence changed from beheading to hanging at the last minute by Henry, Anne curses everything, including God, at the very moment of her death. Days later, she rises from her grave, confused as to what has happened to her and why, but with revenge on her mind as well. It’s not long before all those involved with her downfall will feel her wrath–with Henry being saved for the very last.

She is not alone in this grisly quest, however. She resurrects her brother George, who sadly, can only be a zombie, and Mark Smeaton–another one of the accused–returns as a ghost. While Smeaton taunts Whitehall Palace with his ghostly melodies on his violin, Anne and her brother pay their father a visit, with some very frightening results for him. She even gains the trust of Thomas Wyatt, her former love, and a rather twisted romance begins to unfurl between them. This is only the beginning of Anne’s journey into the world of darkness she has woven around her.

I’m a huge horror fan, and I love vampires and anything that goes bump-in-the-night. Historical-themed fiction isn’t exactly my genre, but my muse kept bugging me to write a ‘revenge’ story for Anne after I had watched “The Tudors” series a few times. It definitely became a huge inspiration. Thus, Boleyn: Tudor Vampire was born. I hope at best it’s an entertaining read, as I had fun creating it.


Thank you Cinsearae S for taking the time to visit Literary Escapism!

Contest Time! Cinsearae S has graciously offered to give away a fabulous prize pack including a necklace earring set, hand made by Cinsearae S herself, to a lucky reader. All you have to do is answer this question: Which tragic hero from history would you love to see have a “revenge story” done for?  Or simply ask Cinsearae S a question.

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  1. How about Abraham Lincoln? Or his wife seeking revenge? I think it would be a great adventure for his wife to seek out the conspirators in his murder.

    I’m a GFC follower, and I’d be happy to post reviews if I win!

  2. Hmmm, so many to choose from, Henry VIII’s first wife Kathryn of Aragon, Richard III, the Princes in the Tower, Mary Queen of Scots or more recently Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle (just finishing a book on him) or how about the Kennedy brothers, JFK and RFK, along with Marilyn Monroe, those three would be compelling.

    Did writing this whet your appetite to mind more from Henry VIII’s court or from other other times in history?

  3. Hi Dawn!
    BOLEYN is my first ‘period piece’. I’ve never attempted to write historical fantasy before. But loving Tudor history (not to mention the alleged haunted aspects of it) as well as the show, it all came together to form BOLEYN. :) I won’t be doing any more, as dark paranormal romance/urban fantasy is more my style, lol.

  4. What a great question, I don’t know. Honestly History is not my thing, but Anne Boleyn has always been a favorite of mine and my daughters. She will love this book too. I will definitely have to pick it up.

    It’s interesting where you got your inspiration from to write it. Are there any other characters in history you would like to write about?

    I love how some of the classic books and history are getting a paranormal twist to them. I think it’s awesome how much this genre has grown.

    Thanks for the great interview.

  5. Hi I’m a follower on facebook
    I too would love to see Anne come back. I had the same thought after watching the Tudors.I can’t wait ti read this. Its my kind of story.
    Cinsearae is there any other person in history that u would like to do another story about? Could u imagine if Henry VIII could have come back what he would of done or tried to finish…That would be fun story to write


  6. Hello Heather and Heidi!

    In all honesty, I really can’t think of another person in history that I’d be willing to write a story about, lol. I thin kif I had as much passion for another one as I did for Anne, it might be feasible, but…nope, I can’t think of anyone. Henry coming back to do something sounds pretty interesting, and would undoubtedly be even bloodier, but I’m all for ‘girl-power’, lol.

  7. Cinsearae – Thanks for personally answering my question. You touched on a cool idea for a UF novel. One that would utilize the “haunted aspects” of the Tudoe times to help other preternatural beings save modern day London or all of England or something. That would be a differnt twist to the UF/PNR genres.

    I can’t blame you for falling under Boleyn’s trance. I think a lot of women can relate to many aspects of her situation and maybe that is why each generation continues to discover an affinity for her. I have added your book to my list for my next shopping trip.

  8. Hmmmm….Character that I would like to see get revenge? I’m honestly not sure on that one.I guess my question is…with all the historical literary characters/people, why did you choose Anne Boleyn? Any specific thing that made you decide “yes…this is the character I want to write about.”

    I’ve been seeing this one around and it does look like a good one so I would love the chance to read it!

    +1 follow you on facebook (Kristina G) let me know if you need the FULL name.

    +1 follow you on twitter @KrisLovesBooks

    I’ll cross my fingers because not only does the book look great but the jewerly set is awesome!

  9. Wow what an awesome idea for a vampire book! Have really been into the Tudors since the HBO series started……As far as another revenge story…hmmmm Marie Antoinette was a really sad figure, married really young, suffered through the revolution, had her kids taken from her and tortured within her hearing…Tragic stuff

  10. I follow Cinsearae on Facebook, love this book premise and the beautiful prizes.

    I agree with Marie Antoinette, Joan of Arc and the Salem “Witches”. There are definitely stories in there.

    +1 Tweeted (@Purrversia)
    +1 Facebooked (Rachel Erin Bland)
    +1 LE FB/Twitter follower

  11. Hi Kris!
    I bet folks will get tired of hearing this, but as much as I love (haunted)Tudor history, and The Tudors on showtime giving such awesome ‘visuals’, it re-ingited my interest in Tudor history. Natalie Dormer(sp?), who played Anne did such an awesome job bringing her to life…and it wasn’t long before an idea to have Anne get revenge came to mind, lol. I just felt like she NEEDED it, lol!

    @ Dawn–I think any woman in this day and age wouldn’t tolerate the crap Henry put them through, ROFL!!

    @ Stacy–and I agree with you wholeheartedly, Joan of Arc did NOT deserve her tragic ending!!!!

  12. Medusa! Recently I just heard about her story, it was another goddess’ jealousy of her beauty that changed her to the woman who turned others to stone. I would like to see a revenge story done for her on that jealous goddess. Medusa had to endure all that hate all these years for those that looked upon her.

    Thank you for hosting this terrific giveaway.

    terrymac1a at hotmail dot com

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