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Before we get to the news, I did want to put one thing out there. For the month of August, Literary Escapism is setting up daily author visits and I only have about 6 days left to schedule.  If there’s anyone out there who can get an article to me by August 1st and would like to spotlight time, please contact me at jackie at litearyescapism dot com.

Jess Haines has unveiled the cover for the second Others novel, Taken by the Others.  Jess does say that this isn’t the final cover as there are a few tweaks she would like to see, but this is basically it. I’m really hoping one of the changes is to the model.  I just don’t like her. She doesn’t seem to have that energy that the model for Hunted by the Others had.  Maybe it’s just me though.  Taken by the Others will be released on January 4, 2011.

For more cover goodness, check out All Things Urban Fantasy, Babbling About Books and Michelle’s Book Blog.


Tor has been celebrating a month of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance and there’s been a lot of fabulous articles posted.  I’m not sure why I haven’t seen this yet or maybe it just didn’t register, but if you want to, check it out.  They have a great update on what has happened plus what is yet to come.

Jeaniene Frost is going to be doing a small tour to promote Eternal Kiss of Darkness. Unfortunately, she’s not coming anywhere near Michigan or really going anywhere past Georgina.  So if you’re in the Southeast, check out her schedule.

The Weekly Geeks have posted this weeks topic and they are wondering if anyone else experiences Shiny Book Syndrome and how they handle it.

Cynthia Eden has posted a new excerpt from her upcoming novel Deadly Fear.

Ilona Andrews has posted an excerpt from their story A Questionable Client, which can be found in the anthology Dark and Stormy Knights.  Aside from the fact that this anthology features authors Jim Butcher, Rachel Caine, Vicki Pettersson, Carrie Vaughn, Deidre Knight, Lilith Saintcrow, Shannon K. Butcher, and P.N. Elrod, you’re going to want to get your hands on Dark and Stormy Knights for the Andrews story alone.  It’s all about the first time Kate met Saiman!

Cathy Clamp has a free short story titled Fare Thee Well posted up at Tor.com

Shiloh Walker has put up a snippet from her September release, Tarnished Knight.  There’s also a snippet up from Crazed Hearts, the third Grimm Circle novel.

Anya Bast is looking for reviewers for her upcoming Dark Magick novel, Cruel Enchantment.

Suburban Vampire is talking about some great vampire flicks that are either coming out or being released to DVD soon.

Kelley Armstrong has posted the sixth chapter from her online serial, The Divided.

Shiloh Walker is giving away an ARC of Veil of Shadows. Contest ends July 22nd.

Jaci Burton is giving away an ARC of Riding the Night. Contest ends July 20th.

Tor is giving away 15 copies of Dan Wells’ Mr. Monster via GoodReads.  Contest ends August 12th.

Book Chick City is giving away a Simon & Schuster Bundle. Contest ends July 31st.

Jocelynn Drake is giving away a copy of Wait for Dusk.  Contest ends tonight!

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