Guest Author: Linda Wisdom

Literary Escapism would like to welcome Linda Wisdom to the room today. Linda is the author of the fabulous Jazz Tremaine series – 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover, Hex Appeal, and Wicked by Any Other Name.

We’ll be giving away a copy of Wicked by Any Other Name, so make sure you stick around.

Witch’s Night Out

Even witches need to unwind, which is why Stasi, Blair, Jazz and ghostly Irma are vegging out in Stasi and Blair’s family room. Scented candles are scattered throughout the room, Van Helsing is on TV since they need that Hugh Jackman fix and, bottles of wine dot the coffee table, and any form of junk food you can imagine is within reach.

The witches are wearing their form of loungewear that involves pajama pants and t-shirts while Irma is wrapped in a plush robe and netting wrapped around her hair to hide her pincurls.

“Okay, this is has been the absolute worst Samhain in history,” Stasi sighed, rummaging through the bowl of snack size candy bars until she found a Snickers bar.

“Oh I don’t know, there’s been a few that come to mind. What about 1723? So not a good year.” Jazz batted at Fluff and Puff who were too close to her stash of See’s Bordeaux chocolates. “Do not even think about it,” she warned them. “This has been more than totally weird, but we’re here in one piece, aren’t we? And Stasi’s got a totally sexy wizard in her life.” She grinned at the red hearts that seemed to enjoy dancing around Stasi’s head. ‘And look at you with your hearts and Trev having hearts too. Good thing humans can’t see them. No way we could explain those away.”

“Terrific, everyone’s having sex but me!” Blair wailed, sniffing as she ate a Hostess cupcake.

“Excuse me, but it’s been some time for me too,” Irma reminded her, staring mournfully at the wine and a box of HoHos on the table. Since food didn’t stay inside ghosts’ stomachs, Irma could only look and not touch. “I don’t understand how you all can eat like this after what’s happened?”

“Precisely why we can eat.” Stasi stole one of Jazz’s precious chocolates and grinned at her friend as she bit into the brown sugar cream. “We knew that Mercury retrograde along with a lunar eclipse on Samhain would cause problems, but considering everything else that went on, it’s amazing we, and the town, are in one piece. Of course, there’s so much snow out there, that I feel like we’re living in a snow cave and power outages haven’t been all that much fun either. A normal life would be good.”

“And maybe we won’t be called witch as if it’s a bad thing,” Blair chimed in.

“And you have a sexy wizard in your life now. With luck the lawsuit won’t continue and now maybe the lake will have a chance of recovering from that nasty magick blasted at it,” Jazz said, conjuring up a bottle of nail polish and repairing her chipped manicure. “Once again, we’ve shown our stuff and do we rock or what?” She grinned at her friends who she’s known for over 700 years.

Stasi’s smile said it all. “Yes, I do. Witches rule.” They exchanged high fives that fairly sparkled with their combined power.

What about you when you’re spending a girls night out? Do you worry about big bads coming up with nasty magick?


Thank you Linda!

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  1. A girl’s night out is always fun. Mostly when my friends and I get together we talk about what’s happening in our lives good or bad. Rarely but it does happen does the topic turn to trouble ahead. Whatever, we always feel better for our talks.

    Thanks for the very interesting post. Now that I know the characters a bit better I have to read the books!

  2. I’ve read them all and they are SO good. Funny, interesting, sad, and all very Sexy. You can really get into the characters, so far Jazz is my favorite. She is all attitude and no one pushes her around, her “pets” Puff and Fluff and too funny for words. You all must read to learn why.

    Happy reading


  3. Hi Linda!
    Great post! Never had magick trouble on girls night out. Just tequila trouble….

  4. Patricia,

    That’s always the best part of a girls night out. Friends and I had one where we celebrated my birthday at a Marie Callendars and the next day it closed permanently! We liked to say it was our fault. :}


  5. This book sounds awesome! I’ve recently bought 50 Ways To Hex Your Lover and Hex Appeal. I’m looking forward to reading them as I’ve heard so many great things about this series!

    Does it show my age that I can’t remember my last girls night out? LOL Does going to see/drool at Twilight the movie/Robert Pattinson with my best friend count? There was no bad magick there though. :)

  6. Great post! My friends and I usually hole up at someone’s house and partake in a variety of drinks, junk food, and games (last time we had WAY too much fun wii bowling). I can’t say that we worry about anything!

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