Be Still My Vampire Heart by K. Sparks

I love Scottish men…even more, I love Scottish Highland men. I love the accents, so getting to read about Angus McKay in the third Love at Stake novel, Be Still My Vampire Heart, by Kerrelyn Sparks was awesome. This time, we were brought back into the story arc with more action and some highland romance. We met Emma Wallace in Vamps and the City when she talked to Austin about her Central Park slayings. Now, Angus is trying to find her in order to get her to stop before she endangers herself even more.

Sparks continues with great character development and an increasing changing plot line. I say changing because we continue getting new villains, each with their own personal vendettas. The main series plot continues to grow with new characters showing up to give us more trouble and old ones getting what they deserve. And the best part so far, all of the main heros/heroines get what they want, but Sparks hasn’t ended each relationship the same. Each one found their own unique ending and Be Still My Vampire Heart is no exception.

Overall, the novels keep getting better. I loved the turmoil that Emma and Angus go through; the conflicts that arose by their actions; and the ongoing tension between Shanna and her father. I feel like I should say more about how I like this novel, but I’ve already said it before. My thoughts are pretty much the same as the first two novels. The books continue to get better and I am definitely sticking around to see what happens in The Undead Next Door.

Read Order:
How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire
Vamps and the City
Be Still My Vampire Heart
The Undead Next Door

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