The Undead Next Door by K. Sparks

Average woman lives in a small town with a pathetically annoying ex-husband who has changed her life; needing to hide male comes to town and meets said woman. That’s the premise for Kerrelyn Spark’s fourth Love at Stake novel, The Undead Next Door. Jean-Luc has been in the fashion world since the 70s and the media is starting to speculate about his continued youthful appearance. Hence the problem with being a vampire. Eternal youth…no lasting mortal relationships. The plan is to hide out in a small town in Texas for the next 25 years so he can come back as his son and continue on with his career. On his first night in town, Jean-Luc meets Heather and becomes instantly interested. The only problem with this, Jean-Luc’s worst enemy, Lui, shows up and targets Heather thinking she is his latest girlfriend.

Overall, this novel was still just as good as the last three and tossed it up a bit with more of a romantic storyline than straight up action plot. I do have to say, in my opinion, it did resemble what a lot of people might consider a “normal” romance novel. For someone who wanted to try out the paranormal romance genre, then I would definitely be recommending this book. It has just enough supernatural elements to pull in the genre’s fans and just enough familiarity to pull in new fans from the romance genre. I definitely can’t wait to read Ian’s story when All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire comes out in October.

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The Undead Next Door
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