Renegade Angel by K. L. Castle

Renegade Angel by Kendra Leigh Castle is a sexy, gritty, action-packed romance that has me wanting more.

It’s been thousands of years since Raum’s angelic wings turned from white to black, and the Destroyer of Dignities and Robber of Kings never looked back. These days he’s also on the outs with Hell and works with a motley crew of ex-demons on a new mission: snuffing out lesser demons and their half-human progeny.

Raum’s latest assignment brings him to a small Vermont town—and a sweet, funny half-demon, half-human he’ll risk everything to save. Ember Riddick stirs him as no woman ever before—and she holds the key to what Lucifer will move Hell and Earth to prevent: his team’s redemption.

But Ember’s secrets are as dark as Raum’s midnight wings. And their fate may leave them entwined…but destroyed….

Paranormal stories with angels and demons as the main character’s have always held a slight fascination for me.  They’re very much like vampires and weres in that respect. The only difference is that angels and demons aren’t a subject I’m overexposed to. Sure, in the past, I’ve read stories with angels and demons, but not so much that I feel I know everything about these paranormal beings. Which is very much the case with vampires when it comes to this age of Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and True Blood.  I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy a good vampire story, because I fully do, but it’s nice every once in a while to read a book in which I’m not automatically going to know every single possible variation of the species in the story.

That’s part of the reason why I was drawn to Renegade Angel by Kendra Leigh Castle. In Renegade Angel your first introduced to Raum, a fallen angel that is now being kicked out of hell because of a longstanding feud that he has had with another fallen, who just so happens to be very close to Lucifer himself.  Instead of staying, and almost certainly being executed, Raum is given the chance to hunt down demons on earth for angels.   Needless to say, Hell has made Raum a pretty tough guy. He’s gruff to the point of rudeness, and he’s always pushing people away.  This was something that at first was kind of annoying, but in time it became endearing.

When Ember and Raum meet, sparks fly. The two are able to connect on a level that neither one has felt before.  Both were able to take me along for a ride with their denial, and eventual, acceptance of one another.  There are some big obstacles for these two to overcome, and at times it seems like one or the other may have given up. However, the determination and will of Raum and Ember are enough that it doesn’t matter. They both were seemingly made for each other, and it gives me the warm fuzzies just thinking about it.

The story was one that pulled me in. I was genuinely interested in whether or not they would be able to survive the challenges before them. I think that I even gave a shout of joy when things were going right, and a gasp when things were going wrong.

In the end, I don’t think it really mattered that this was a story with angels and demons in it. Although, I certainly enjoyed reading about them. The human element of love, passion, and loyalty was the overall sense that I got from Renegade Angel by Kendra Leigh Castle. I think that this book is a must read for any Paranormal Romance readers out there. There is certainly a great romance here, and I can’t wait for other people to discover this book, much like I did.

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  1. Kendra is a new to me author and I’ve just heard about the book recently – I’m a Nocturne fan ;). This sounds like a great paranormal. I’ve got a soft spot for angels and demons too so this sound right up my alley. Ty for sharing your review!

  2. I know what you mean about mixing things up with angel/demon stories as well as the more traditional paranormal, althouth it is so much harder to find them out there, though I think it is a growing genre.
    One of the best I’ve read so far is Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter Series and then Erin McCarthy’s ‘My Immortal’ that ventures into angel/demon myths as well.

    I will definitely check this out, thank you!

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