Frost & Showalter Interviews

Marta Acosta did an interview with Jeaniene and it’s posted on her blog. She talks about her new novel, One Foot in the Grave, which comes out next Tuesday. The interview doesn’t just focus on the book either. Jeaniene gives us some insight into her world, who did the cover art for both books, etc.

Remember, One Foot in the Grave comes out on the 29th, so if you haven’t preordered it already or read Halfway to the Grave then you need to get to it.

Nalini Singh’s latest interview is with Gena Showalter. She talks about her new series, the Lords of the Underworld, that puts a new twist on the Pandora myth. Here’s a quote from the interview:

I’ve taken the myth of Pandora and completely turned it upside down! I say the gods entrusted Pandora, the greatest warrior of her time, to guard the box. But a group of immortal warriors, her peers, fought and won it, opened it, and unleashed the horde of demons locked inside. Because of this, the gods punish each warrior to house a demon inside his own body. So the warriors become the box, so to speak. It’s not an easy pairing, either. There’s Violence, Pain, Disease, Wrath, Death, Doubt, Misery, Lies, Disaster, and so on.

Singh has already gotten her hands on the first two novels and she’s given her thumbs up for them. After checking Amazon, the first novel, the Darkest Night, will be out May 1st.

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