Burnt Offerings by LK Hamilton

I like to think of Burnt Offerings as the turning point in the Anita Blake series due to the introduction of the vampire Asher and the wereleopards, most especially Nathaniel.

We’ve been slowly introduced to Asher in a couple of the previous novels and now we get to meet the man in the flesh. Asher has some understandable bitterness against Jean-Claude. He believes that Jean-Claude purposefully rescued him from the Catholic church after it was too late to rescue his human servant, Julianna. To make matters worse, Jean-Claude finds out that it was his name that was the last words from Julianna’s mouth before she died. Due to this incident, Asher has scars from the holy church to help him remember and he holds all of his anguish against Jean-Claude.

Nathaniel and the other wereleopards were lead by Gabriel, but as we know, he was killed by Anita in The Killing Dance . Now Anita finds out that she is technically the new leader of the wereleopards. None of the wereleopards are dominant, in fact, they are so submissive that they allowed Gabriel to pimp them out while he was in charge. Anita has no idea what she is going to do with them now, but she knows they are hers and she will protect them.

Asher and Nathaniel are two of my favorite characters. We learn more about them as the book goes on, including their many problems, that they continually throw wrenches into all of Anita’s plans. It’s amusing to watch. We also see how Richard and Anita’s relationship is surviving after Anita’s brush with Richard’s beast. The books are still going strong and the addition of these two characters (and their respective groups) continue to add more and more to the story that it keeps making it harder to put these books down.

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