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Before we get to the winners for the latest contests, have you check out this weeks yet?

Ann Aguirre

I had the chance to sit down with Ann Aguirre at RT and I found out all sorts of things regarding Jax. While she was here, we gave away two copies of Skin Game and a Sirantha Jax novel (winners choice) to three lucky readers. In order to enter, everyone had to answer the question: What is it about science fiction that draws you in? Now, without further ado, the winners are:

Sirantha Jax novel: BETHANY C who said: I have to say that I’m with you when it comes to scifi- I haven’t picked any up really because I get bored with all the technology information stuff. But I keep hearing about this and I have to say I’m intrigued. I was wondering if (hypothetically, of course) they DID make these into a movie or TV show, Ann had someone in mind to play Sirantha?

Skin Game: MARDEL who said: I like the space travel and the probabilities of sci-fi, and with the Sirantha Jax novels, I loved that we got a bit of romance – real romance, not the happily ever after kind, but the real kind of messy, flawed character type of romance mixed in with the sci-fiction. I don’t think it can be done very well by just anyone though – I usually get very impatient with romance novels. Grimspace had just the right mix for me. One of my favorite scenes is at the end, where March is kind of crazed and Jax talks him down. Not a long scene, but I ended up going back to it a couple times because it was intense.

I haven’t been able to buy Killbox yet – but I have all the other Sirantha novels and am looking forward to Killbox. And I’ve really enjoyed Vel’s character as much as March’s (maybe more).

One of my favorite sci-fi series on t.v. was Stargate Universe. I never saw any of the other Stargate shows, but I think Stargate Universe is great.

Skin Game: BARBARA E who said: I’ve loved science fiction for a long time, and now with more romantic elements appearing, I enjoy it even more. I love the idea of other worlds, different societies, adventure, exploration, fantastic ships and technology we’ve only dreamed of.
I’ve really enjoyed the Sirantha Jax and Corine Soloman books, but I haven’t had a chance to read any of the Skin series yet. I can’t wait to get my hands on Killbox, I’m dying to read it.

Congratulations Bethany, Mardel and Barbara!

Jeaniene Frost

I had the talented Jeaniene Frost on Literary Escapism talking about beginnings. While she was here, we gave away three copies of Eternal Kiss of Darkness to three lucky readers. In order to enter, everyone had to answer the question: Now, without further ado, the winner is:

JESSICA S who said: Favorite beginnings? Hmm…well not to be talknig about beginnings of books in general, I love the beginning of my love for reading! I remember it picking up greatly when I was in 7th grade and trying to find paranormal YA back then was NOT easy. But I managed somehow. Now there are so many options it’s insane! I love it!

Going with what some others have said, the first few chapters in a book are pivotal in keeping me engaged in the reading. If the characters aren’t doing anything in the first few chapters or couple of pages down the way, then it becomes a chore to read. Great books have the plot in motion within the first few chapters or some odd pages.

STEPHANIE S who said: Favorite beginnings? I really liked the beginning of Rachel Vincent’s shifter’s series because when I opened the book I had no idea what it was about and it doesn’t come right out and tell you ‘this girl shifts into a kick-butt panther like cat’ it just tells the story from page one and you have to pick up the clues along the way. It starts with this college girl getting attacked in a dark alley, but it’s sort of turned around because she follows the guy into the alley and then proceeds to fight-back and attack him until he runs away. I liked it because it is her actions were very true to her character and you get to know her fiery personality right away because of it.

CRYSTAL who said: What a great post and I love the blind date analogy, it is so true! I think you do an awesome job hooking us in the first few chapters but I will agree that those first few chapters are important. It’s what hooks me. Although I won’t put a book down and usually get into it eventually the first chapters are what sets the mood for me and makes a book a “stay up until 4am reading because I can’t put it down” or a “will read when I get a chance” book. The Night Huntress series are def. “stay up until 4am reading because I can’t put it down” books! And I can’t wait until Feb. for This Side of the Grave.

Congratulations Jessica, Stephanie and Crystal!

Eloisa James

I had the talented Eloisa James on Literary Escapism talking about her Cinderella story, A Kiss at Midnight. While she was here, we gave away a signed copy of Duchess By Night. In order to enter, everyone had to answer the question: What is your favorite aspect of the Cinderella tale? Now, without further ado, the winner is:

HODGEPODGESPV who said: The song from Disney: ‘some day my prince will come’ (giggle here prince, here prince….whistle)

Congratulations Hodgepodgespv!

Book Chick City (BBAW #1)

For the BBAW, I had the wonderful Book Chick City on Literary Escapism talking about her top 5 series she *must* read. While she was here, I gave away a copy of Marked by Elisabeth Naughton and Hex in High Heels by Linda Wisdom to a lucky reader. In order to enter, everyone had to answer the question: Do you have lots of series stacking up on your shelves? Is there a certain series that’s worth putting everyone else on hold just to dive in and start reading immediately? Now, without further ado, the winner is:

Abigail from (All Things Urban Fantasy) who said: Oh I’m so jealous of you! The first three you mentioned are truly fantastic. I’m in the same boat with Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R. Ward. I just picked up the first one and I’m desperate to start reading it.

Congratulations Abigail!


You have one week to send me an email at jackie AT literaryescapism DOT com, with the contest you won in the subject line, otherwise I’ll draw a new name when I post the current contest winners next weekend.

As always, I determined the winners by inputting all the entries into the List Randomizer, scrambling it up a couple of times, and then had the Research Randomizer pick a number.

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    Congratulations to all the other winners, also! :)

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