One Foot in the Grave by J. Frost

JFrost-One Foot in the GraveAll I can say about One Foot in the Grave is that I am in love. Okay, so I actually have a lot more to say, but damn did Jeaniene Frost pull another awesome novel out of her head when she wrote this one.

It’s four years after Halfway to the Grave and Cat hasn’t seen Bones during that entire time. She has been making a reputation for herself among the vampires and they are not exactly happy with her. Who would be considering she’s their Reaper? Don’t worry though, Bones glides back into her life in a most unusual way and you can be sure that he won’t be leaving Cat anytime soon. At least, not until they “talk“. Plus we get to finally meet Cat’s father, as well as foil some assassination attempts.

Frost does an amazing job with the character development and brings even more light into the minds of her characters. The plot keeps going at an even pace and keeps the reader enthralled, waiting to see what happens next. The scenes throughout the novel are exciting and suck the reader in even more. I absolutely loved Chapter 32 (and for those of you who have read it, I’m sure you agree with me). I won’t spoil it for you, but I will say that it involves Cat and Bones.

Before I go into any spoilers (and trust me, I will), I will say that Frost has another hit on her hands. One Foot in the Grave had me captivated from the first chapter and it didn’t let go until I finished it four hours later. Seriously people, if you haven’t read Halfway to the Grave, then go out and get it so you can read this novel. Don’t wait for the library to get it in for you, go buy it. NOW! Jeaniene Frost was one of the greatest impulse buys I’ve ever had and I would fanatically recommend her to anyone else.

Honestly, I love this series. I think I’m going to unpack Halfway to the Grave, just so I can read both of these novels again, back to back.

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Okay, now SPOILER ALERT!! I have got to talk about certain points in this novel, so go buy the book so we can discuss it.

So the first point I have got to talk about….Chapter 32 rocked!

“…you could give me such loud, screaming orgasms that the sound of them blisters her ears. If you have any former-whore-turned-promiscuous-vampire tricks you’ve been holding back, well, bring them on. I only have one stipulation: You’d better outperform any service you gave to her or anyone else, because if I don’t wake up tomorrow red in the face from embarrassment at what you did to me, I’ll be disappointed.” page 273 leading into Chapter 32.

That doesn’t even begin to subscribe what happens. Seriously, has anyone read anything better than what followed in Chapter 32? Cat and Bones have the most amazing sex that has ever been written. Jeaniene was worried it was a bit too graphic and torrid, but it was far from that. I have to say that it has got to be one of the best vampire sex scenes that I have read in a long time; and I read a lot of LK Hamilton. LK Hamilton has written a lot of sex scenes lately, but a lot of her stuff seems a bit…too dramatic, too erotic? There’s a lot that I skip over in the Anita books simply because I get tired of the sex. But I think I could reread Chapter 32 over and over.

And then Bones and Cat getting married! When was the last time the two main characters got married in the second novel of a series?! It’s pretty much unheard of. Plus, the way they do it with Bones saying

“You’re right, lineage does have a higher claim than property. But you have no claim over her if she’s my wife…..I rather envisioned something more romantic for this, Kitten, but circumstances don’t allow for that.” page 333, Chapter 37

How perfect was that? Yeah, it wasn’t pretty and he really didn’t ask her, just said she was going to be his wife, but when have they ever done anything the conventional way? In Halfway to the Grave, he tied her up until she agreed to train with him and he conned her into going on a date with him, why should he do anything different with a marriage proposal? He stated it as a fact and then let her deny or affirm the claim. It was perfect.

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