Blue Moon & Obsidian Butterfly by LK Hamilton

Blue Moon and Obsidian Butterfly has one thing in common – self discovery and individual discovery. Well, I guess that’s two things, but it’s the same idea.

In Blue Moon, Anita is called in to Tennessee to help bail Richard out of some problems he has encountered. While in Tennessee, Anita begins to make several revelations. Her relationship with Richard hits a new plateau of complexity, a portion of Jean-Claude’s existence, his being, is brought to life by Damien, and Anita finds out that she can be just as much of a monster as her boyfriends. Anita also finds out that she has gained more power through the marks she share with Jean-Claude and Richard. With the power comes more confusion and more obstacles in her life. She begins to retreat and the vampire world takes a hiatus.

In Obsidian Butterfly, Anita finds herself in New Mexico helping her friend, the assassin, Edward. Murder is the name of the game, but those that have been murdered are not dead. They have been skinned alive, but no one knows how or why. Anita is brought in for her expertise as well as to pay a debt owed. While in New Mexico, Anita meets Itzpapalotl, an Aztec vampire who cannot tell when someone lies to her. A standard trait for all vampires is to be able to spell a lie, but Itzpapalotl has been lying to herself for so long, that she no longer has that ability. Her misconceptions on life save Anita from all of the vampiric bureaucracy that normally occurs when she enters another vampire’s territory. During the investigation, Anita begins to make several conclusions about her life after witnessing Edward’s love life and participating in a flirtation with an FBI agent. She knows her love life is screwed up, but after seeing Edward with his love, she begins to believe that maybe things could work if she just tries.

While discovery is an important aspect to Anita’s mental health, she is still in the discovery process when it comes to her power and her life. She strives to better understand herself without messing up what she has. The ultimate question is, will she succeed?

To read an excerpt from Blue Moon, click here. To read an excerpt from Obsidian Butterfly, click here.

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