The Darkest Kiss by K. Arthur

The latest novel in the Riley Jensen series by Keri Arthur, The Darkest Kiss picks up a couple of months after Embraced by Darkness and Riley is getting over her broken heart. She has to deal with two serial killers as well as trying to kick some sense into her twin, Rhoan. Riley also gets a surprise and some clarity involving her love life.

I have to say, I wasn’t as pulled into this one as I have the previous novels. I still read it in one day and loved it, but I’m thinking I’m still flying high over One Foot in the Grave. The plot was exceptional with two villains sharing the same motivation; all the characters are continually being developed and relationships are growing stronger.

Overall, The Darkest Kiss, was really good and we were even introduced to a new, potential, villain who starts out helping Riley, but through circumstances, their relationship hits some bumps. The plot kept moving and we were given two villains who were gave Riley a run for her money. An old lover comes back onto the scene with promises of keeping Riley on her toes and we are all breathing a sigh of relief over that one. While it fades a little compared to One Foot in the Grave, I’m still a huge fan of this author and I can’t wait until the seventh Riley comes out next year. And I had to include this picture with the review. Ian was so cute browsing through the book, even though it was upside down.

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