Interview: Amanda Rose

Amanda RoseI had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Amanda Rose, a Paranormal Romance author who is getting ready to release her debut novel, the Vessel .

Tortured and ruined for all women who cross his path, he still remains the most infamous seducer in a world filled with magic and creatures of myth. His one dream? To destroy the kingdom that took everything he ever cared for.

Abigail is everything a man could ask for. She’s sweet and charming, with a little bit of New York flair. She soon realizes her love for a gorgeous prince is the worst decision of her life, and she spirals to new levels of depression. After her kidnapping, it seems her fate is doomed, but she cannot fight the feelings that lurk beneath her conscience. This tortured man who stands before her, offers freedom like she has never felt with another. But will it be enough to erase her past?

Trauco’s love goes no further than the women from which he steals. That is, until he sets his heart on the wrong kind of target. Will he finally fall like the others and take on a vessel, or will his battle for vengeance continue?

Make sure you stick around to the end. We’ll be giving away a copy a the Vessel to a lucky reader.

Literary Escapism: You finally made it! I am so happy for you! I have been a fan for a while now, of every little thing you have written on various sites. So to all of your fans (and future fans!), tell us a little about yourself and your writing style.

Amanda Rose: Okay well hello all (big wave)! I’m from New York, grew up upstate in the woods so I’d like to think I’ve had the pleasure of living the best of both worlds. I now live with my gorgeous fiancé that I just can’t seem to get enough of. (I know I know people are gagging right now) but, it’s not what you think. We have a dog and a cat that absolutely drive us crazy, well drive me crazy at least. I love to read, play video games and anything else that allows me to stay in comfy clothes and just relax.

I’d like to think my writing style is whatever is going through me at that moment. I think taking emotions from real life issues and entwining them into my characters, gives them the three dimensional feeling real people have.

Literary Escapism: How did you get into writing? I mean I know you from various places where you and a few others would sort of *roleplay* stories and have loads of fun doing it, but what exactly made you decide to try and get published/write for a living? (btw I was always a huge fan of your roleplays /grins) (laughing)

Amanda Rose:Oh sweetness many thanks to you on that one! I have so much fun writing and playing along with friends on the internet that my stories would just get longer and longer. After I wrote the book I will admit I thought about just putting it in a folder and keeping it for myself to read. My wonderful fiancé and dear friends told me I was crazy and to at least try to get into the writing world. So Viola! I edited my butt off and sent it out. Wasn’t all ‘yes ma’am we’ll take its’ but all I needed was that one publisher to believe I had something good and here I am. Thanks again Evernight!!

Literary Escapism: When you are writing a story, have you experienced writers block yet? How do you deal with that?

Amanda Rose: The curse of writers block I think affects everyone. The solution is not to get frustrated and to take plenty of breaks. I change up my music play list, read over what I had just written or take a break from the computer altogether. When I feel like I’m stuck and can’t think of how my characters are going to get from point A to point B I try writing out a timeline. I also pace in my office, and talk to myself (lol). It works, I swear! And when all else fails I turn to the man that gives my creativity a spark like no other ;)

Literary Escapism: You have a book coming out called The Vessel. Can you tell us, without spoiling, what the Vessel is about?

Amanda Rose: I can not say much without ruining some of the surprises in store for you. But what I will say is this: the men are insatiable, the females are not to be taken lightly, and the creatures just keep coming. Nothing in their world is what it seems and just when you think you understand, something will come up to throw you for another loop.

Literary Escapism: Tell us about the making of The Vessel. What lead you to write this story?

Amanda Rose: I know almost every author says they dreamt up their characters or their story but honestly it just comes to you at the weirdest times. For example the Vessel actually came to me while I was reading a book. It’s always the female relying on the male for protection and that bothers me. In today’s world it goes both ways, so why couldn’t a female protect her male against himself? Add in magic and mythology (which I am absolutely obsessed with) and I had a book waiting to get written. The characters were so fun and exciting to work with that the world kind of grew up around them by itself.

Literary Escapism: Will this story (The Vessel) be continued? If so do you have an idea of how many books will be included?

Amanda Rose: This story is far from over. Right now I have up to the third book planned all out. I think it just depends on the people reading it. If they want more you can bet your bottom I’ll keep going. I think that’s what is so great about making new worlds. There are so many characters that the story never completely ends.

Literary Escapism: Where do you draw your inspiration from? Do you have a muse?

Amanda Rose: The muse is all around; the books I read, the life I live, along with the friends that surround me, ideas just keep coming. Plus, I’m a child at heart. I still wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares and as funny as it sounds I still believe in monsters in my closet. I think having that much of an imagination helps me out big time.

Literary Escapism: Some authors struggle with character implementation/ideas. What is your process for deciding who goes where/who does what?

Amanda Rose: I’m a people watcher. I love to just sit somewhere and make up stories in my head. Things like where are they going, what they do? Things like that. So when a new creature/human/paranormal being pops into my head I make a document for him. I write his/her biography out and what it looks like and keep it on my computer. When I come to a spot in my writing where I need someone new I scroll through those characters and pick the one that fits best. Although it doesn’t always work out that way and I have to make a new one.

Literary Escapism: Can you give us an idea of what’s in store for future books? Any little tidbits or teasers you can offer for your fans to devour?

Amanda Rose: Since I love being a tease oh so much, I can tell you this: I’m finishing up a new book with my sister soul mate Jennifer Saliaz, it’s going to be a shifter paranormal and let me tell you, I am so excited for that to come out. I am also about halfway through the second book in the Kingdom series so that should be wrapping up soon as well. Let’s just say the second book throws you so far into that world that I’m still having trouble coming back from it.

Literary Escapism: What is your A-List? (I call the A-List a group of authors that I must read, that when new releases come out I am rushing to purchase and devour them) Did any of these authors influence your writing?

Amanda Rose: Hmm maybe we should get a bigger area to write in lol. Okay, well here is my list of the big time writers that I couldn’t live without: JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jeaniene Frost, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole and many more. But I would also like to mention that I love reading new authors. You’d be amazed at how many small time authors write amazing stories but never get noticed. The ones listed above have the big time agents and publishers that push their books out for them. But with these new guys they need to start somewhere. You may be surprised at how different they can create the same world you’ve been reading about since you picked up your first book. So, what I do is, between the big name authors I read two smaller ones to give myself a break. I have found some really great ones out there.

Literary Escapism: Do you listen to music while you are writing? If so, can you give us an example playlist?

Amanda Rose: Music is a MUST! Depends on the scene I’m writing for the genre of music. Like fight scenes and chaotic moments I listen to The Sword or heavy metal, for love scenes I listen to Evanescence, Ingrid Michelson, and other songs like that.

Literary Escapism: Any words of advice for future authors out there?

Amanda Rose: Don’t give up! With five hundred noes you’re bound to find one yes! Hang in there and believe in your work! Sometimes that is enough to sell your book.

Fun Quickies!

  1. Cats or Dogs? Both! But since I went to school for training dogs I have to say they are more fun to work with.
  2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate… I am female after all lol
  3. Favorite Color? All shades of BLUE!
  4. Paperback or eBook? Good question! I would have to say ebook first and then if I think I’ll read it again I buy the paperback.

Literary Escapism: Where can your fans (and future fans) find you?

Amanda Rose: Thank You so much for giving me this time to speak with you today, it’s always fun chatting with you, Tricia! I know I can always count on you to send things over and have an honest opinion. Xoxo

Amanda Rose has been fascinated with writing since, as a school girl, she decided ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ was unbelievable and boring. Her version, ‘Goldie and the Three Bachelors’ didn’t get her an “A” in English class, but her heroine had a MUCH happier ending.

She started this adventure by keeping a journal by her bed and writing down some of the things that got her into trouble at night. As her journal turned to short stories, her new found hobby quickly grew to her obsession. Join Amanda in her wild adventures as she lets you into her wicked mind. The only question is: Can you handle it?

The VesselThank you Amanda for visiting Literary Escapism.

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    Your dad and I are so proud of you…….to have a writer in the family….who would have thought! Can’t wait to read your book. Keep up the hard work kiddo!

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