I Thought It Was You by S. Walker

I Thought It Was YouI love Shiloh Walker’s Grimm Circle series, but I Thought It Was You was really short.  Granted, it was suppose to be and it accomplished what the blurb says, but I’m not fully with it.

The events of this free short story take place between the events of No Prince Charming and Ren’s story, Crazed Hearts. It turns out both Ren and Elle had some loose ends they needed to tie up…and that’s what this story is about. It’s not Ren’s happy ever after. That’s in Crazed Hearts.

For instance, who is Ren?  If you’ve read No Prince Charming and thought that Elle and Ren’s relationship was left hanging, then definitely read I Thought It Was You.  It brings closure to both of them, and while I understand why Elle needed the closure, I’m not sure why Ren did.  Granted, that’s due to the fact that I have no clue what is in Ren’s past.  There is something there and that will probably make the events of I Thought It Was You clearer once that information is unearthed.  That has me thinking though, did we really need to see Ren and Elle have closure in order to understand whatever happens in Ren’s story, Crazed Hearts?  It all depends on who Ren is.  I’m fully convinced of that at this point.

Overall, there’s not much I can say about I Thought It Was You without giving away the entire story.  I mean, it’s a really short novella and all about character development for Ren. There’s a little about Elle, but it’s really Ren that we’re given tiny hints as to who he is.  And I really want to know who Ren is, so I’m off to read Crazed Hearts.

Read Order:
Candy Houses
No Prince Charming
I Thought It Was You (novella)
Crazed Hearts
Tarnished Knight

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