Gray, DeStefano & Pelegrimas Winners

Before we get to the winners for the Nathalie Gray, Merrie DeStefano and Marcus Pelegrimas contests, have you check out this weeks yet?  I’m giving away 70+ books to help support Child’s Play. The contest ends December 25th, so there’s still plenty of time to enter.

Now on to the winners….

Nathalie Gray

I had the talented Nathalie Gray on Literary Escapism talking about character fixations. While she was here, we gave away a copy of the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2. In order to enter, all anyone had to do was answer: Who are some of your favorite anti-heroes?. Now, without further ado, the winner is:

MELANIE S. (from Books for All Eternity) who said: the first heroes I thought about where those by Anne Stuart – they have their secrest and aren’t nice, helpful or charming, but rather dark and dangerous, but despite everything I can’t get enough of them…

Congratulations Melanie!

Merrie DeStefano

I had the talented Merrie DeStefano on Literary Escapism talking about where stories come from. While she was here, we gave away a $25 Amazon gift card, plus 3 signed copies of Afterlife. In order to enter, all anyone had to do was answer: What book have you read that had such a unique story premise that you still haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Now, without further ado, the winner is:

a $25 Amazon gift card – SCORPIO M who said: Meljean Brook’s, The Iron Duke has been an unforgettable read for me. Awe-inspiring, fantastical world building filled with wondrous events and inventions. I am so into steampunk now! I also loved the heroine, Mina, a no-nonsense, strong yet vulnerable woman who is so deserving of the hero she got. Loved it.

AfterlifeSTELLA (from Ex Libris) who said: For me it was Carolyn Crane’s Disillusionist series (Mind Games) which I kept thinking about weeks after finishing the book! It is simply brilliant! And now I have the 2nd book on my shelf waiting for me to read it! yay! :-D

AfterlifeMELISSA (from My World…in words and pages) who said: I have to say there are a few books that I still think on after reading. One is the Disillusionist series by Carolyn Crane. I really liked the system she created with the fears, or abundance of fear in some, people have and how to zing it to others and the affects after ward. Really a neat thing in a similar world to ours.

Another book, and its not really that original of a premises, was Hunger Games. The impact of the writing in those books really hit home the war the games created inside the characters along with in the world itself. I seem to have got caught in the thinking there, in that world.

Afterlife MEL S (from Mel’s Random Reviews) who said: I finished reading Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready recently and the idea that everyone below a certain age could see ghosts was an idea I couldn’t get out of my head. Especially at how it impacted the whole world as you mentioned in your post. The idea that something changed the world as we know it – chilling!

Congratulations Scorpio, Stella, Melissa and Mel!

Marcus Pelegrimas

I had the talented Marcus Pelegrimas on Literary Escapism talking about kicking the blocks over. While he was here, we gave away five copies of Vampire Uprising. In order to enter, all anyone had to do was answer: What stories have you enjoyed that have had their worlds ripped completely apart? Or simply ask Marcus a question.. Now, without further ado, the winners are:

TANYA W who said: I’m not sure if ripped apart would be the right word for the books I’ve read but The Eragon series by christopher paolini had me submerged into a crazy world. Renee Wildes series was pretty awesome too. I have been reading a lot of paranormal romance lately and this book would be a nice change for me, yet still be Paranormal =) Thanks for the contest!

CHERRY M (from Cherry Mischievous) who said: Anne Bishop’s Ephemera doulogy has a world of shifting geography as a result of defeating the bad guys. I scoffed at the premise at first so was very surprised to get a very convincing world building. I thought that, not a lot of authors can pull that off. But by god, Bishop has! Damn good “author’s voice”! …I haven’t read anything by Marcus Pelegrimas though, but, it seems that his “author’s voice” is as good as Bishop’s (reading from his post here)…

BARBARA E who said: I don’t know how I missed this series, but I’m going to have to rectify that very soon. The Skinners series sounds really great and I’m looking forward to getting started on it.

Ann Aguirre’s Sirantha Jax series – Jax has had her world ripped completely apart several times, and she always picks herself up and keeps going.

CHRISTINE (from Reading on the Darkside) who said: Thanks for the chance to win one of these awesome books!
The Hunger Games are definitely a good example for book where a world is ripped apart. I´m normally more of an Urban Fantasy girl, but this YA series really blew me away.

SHARON who said: I saw the first Skinner book about a year ago in the store and it caught my attention and has been on my list since. I had no idea there were so many now! After reading this interview I think it is time to start this series. I love dark/horror UF with some romance thrown in . I just finished the Catching Fire and all I can say is WTF? Talk about destroying someone and their world. The Zodiac Series by Vicki Pettersson is like that too. It is like the author is sitting at their computers rubbing their hands together and laughing maniacally at what they can do to the characters next . Would love to win this book!

Congratulations Tanya, Cherry, Barbara, Christine and Sharon!


Thanks to Book Chick City, I’m totally changing up how winners can claim their prizes.  Originally, I had everyone email me and my inbox would get an influx of emails.  While this does work, there’s been an instance or two where emails have gotten buried or have found my spam folder.  After seeing the form BCC was using for her All Hallow’s giveaways, I decided to give it a try here.

Basically, in order to claim your prize, you MUST fill out the following form. I was already moving everyone’s information into a spreadsheet for easier referencing and this takes out a step for me.  Plus everyone can now claim their prize straight from the announcement instead of opening their email.  So here’s the new way to get your prize:

You have SEVEN (7) days to fill out the following form. If you do not claim your prize within this time, I will draw a new name when I post the current contest winners.  Please DO NOT email me with your address.  This will not count as claiming your prize.  If your name doesn’t show up within my spreadsheet, the prize will not be claimed.  If you do not see the form below click HERE .

All names and addresses will be deleted from my file once all prizes have been claimed.

As always, I determined the winners by inputting all the entries into the List Randomizer, scrambling it up a couple of times, and then had the Research Randomizer pick a number.

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