The Battle Sylph by LJ McDonald

LJMcDonald-Battle SylphI wasn’t sure what to expect when I first picked up The Battle Sylph, but what I got was the best debut novel of 2010.  Chock full of romance, magic, greedy villains, and heroes found in unlikely characters, The Battle Sylph has everything.

He is one of many: a creature of magic, unrelentingly male. He is lured through the portal by pure female beauty, a virgin sacrifice. She is killed, and he is silenced and enslaved.

Such a dark ritual is necessary. Unlike their elemental cousins — those gentler sylphs of wind and fire — battlers find no joy in everyday labor. Their magic can destroy an army or demolish a castle, and each has but one goal: find his queen, then protect and pleasure her at any cost. What would a maiden do if she were given such a servant? What would befall that kingdom foolish enough to allow a battler to escape? Young Solie and the people of Eferem are about to find out.

Solie was an unknowingly strong heroine. She started out acting like any other teenage girl – running away from home because she couldn’t get her way (although I can’t think of any teenage girl who would willingly marry a man three times her age and size). Forced into a journey that takes her far away from everything she had ever known, she quickly has to mature and grow a backbone that wasn’t exactly needed back on the farm where she grew up. Heyou, her Battle Sylph and ultimately the cause of her much needed maturity, doesn’t help with her cause at all. While he is just over 100 years old, his actions reminded me of a puppy: fiercely loyal, with boundless energy and no other goals but to make Solie happy. His antics make him absolutely adorable.

Their journey itself was fairly slowly, consisting mainly of them wandering about and finding alliances in very unlikely places. However, with the ever present threat of the other Battle Sylphs, infinately more powerful than Heyou and commanded by the King who wanted Heyou for himself, the incrediably intense fight scenes livened the plot up. With an obviously well developed new world and characters that sometimes have more flaws than strengths, The Battle Sylph by LJ McDonald is a novel that is bound to enrapture readers for years to come.

Read Order:
The Battle Sylph
The Shattered Sylph
Queen of the Sylphs

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