Author Review: Shanna Swendson

So I decided to add a new feature to the website…Author Reviews. Since I am apart of the New Author Challenge, I figured I might as well include the reviews here. I’m not sure how I’m going to keep them yet, but at the moment, they’ll be posted as entries under the new topic Author Reviews. I may change them to their own individual pages, but I’m having trouble with WordPress and the Page feature, so it’s not an option right now. Just so I won’t flood the site with a bunch of reviews all at once, I’ll only be reviewing new authors I’ve come across. I’ll do a quick blurb on my favorite authors in a bit.

Anyway, here’s my first author review and it’s for Shanna Swendson.

For my first author, I read Enchanted, Inc. by Shanna Swendson. I think my favorite part about this author’s writing style is that I cared about her characters. There wasn’t that much action involved, more the normal trappings of every day life, but it was never dull because it was interesting to see how her main character interacted within her world. Swendson develops her characters in a way where you’re not told everything up front and you get to learn more about them as the novel progresses.

She also gives us a unique perspective on New York City. Instead of writing about the dark and dank alleyways that can be typical to most mysteries set there, she gives us the normal everyday bustle of morning commutes, office politics, and trying to be single in the city. Humans with wings or pointed ears and other strange magical happenings are considered normal to those who can see them. With fairies, elves, and other magical beings running around NYC, it makes for some interesting encounters and adds more to the atmosphere of the series. Instead of reading a mystery that is dark and suspenseful, Swendson gives us more of a fun and light hearted read.

This was an easy read, and while I wasn’t enthralled with the novel, Swendson’s characters and world kept me interested enough to get the second novel in her Katie Chandler series.

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