Dime Store Magic by K. Armstrong

Book three in Kelley Armstrong’s “Women of the Otherworld Series, Dime Store Magic continues the tale of Paige Winterbourne and her new charge, Savannah. After gaining the custody of a 13 year-old, Paige must now fight to keep her. It seems that the half-demon, Leah, still wants her. When Leah enlists the help of a Cabal, things start to really heat up for Paige. She finds out who her friends and allies really are and begins a new relationship with an unlikely person.

Dime Store Magic shows us what can happen when someone really believes and yet is still naive. Although power often corrupts and many try to deny it’s flavor, Paige realizes that she needs to have some in order to survive. And yet, brains, patience, and wits are also very good to have.

While I was hesitate to read this book at first (I like Elena and the werewolves from Bitten and Stolen), I have to say, I like this book as well.

To read an excerpt from Dime Store Magic, click here.

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