Make Mine Midnight by A. McKenna

I’ve read Annmarie McKenna before and found her stories to be great quick reads; so when I saw her story, Make Mine Midnight was free on Amazon – I gobbled it up. Now i”m glad it was free.

New Year’s Eve. The party is rockin’, and Claire is in her usual spot holding up the wall. It’s all right. She’s much happier scribbling in her trusty little notebook than mingling. Especially since those notes turn into the sexy erotic romances she pens in secret. Those two gorgeous gods across the room are perfect hero material and…oh dear, are they headed her way?

Mason and Hunter know she won’t remember them as the scrawny geeks they were in high school. She also doesn’t know they’ve been lusting after her for ten long years, waiting for her to meet a man and have a normal relationship. They’re through waiting. The time has come to make their move—and show her exactly how much they’ve changed.

One night in the middle of a Mason/Hunter manwich, and Claire has enough research material to fill a hundred notebooks. Good thing she’s got OfficeMax on speed dial to order more. Except suddenly her two hunks have this crazy idea that keeping her is selfish. Selfish? She may be mousy, but this mouse is about to roar…

The story itself wasn’t bad, just not something I would’ve been happy paying for. The whole premise isn’t entirely new, but the iea that it involved three high school friends, 10 years later, was. At least it was to me. That was what initially drew me to the story. Once I started reading, however, it soon lost my interest. The whole confrontation seemed a little sudden and forced. I mean, Claire goes from just meeting these two guys to dancing with them and then ending up in bed blindfolded.  Even this initial time, the most Claire does is consent – and even that seems a little coerced.  Not that she was forced or anything, but it didn’t seem like she had much of a choice either.  That may be due to the suddenness of hte story too.  Every event just seems to happen.  The only real time where things are gradual is the morning after, but it doesn’t last long.

As fo rhte characters, Claire is probably the only strong one around.  Hunter and Mason seem self-confident, but have weak personalities.  They’ve been waiting ten years for a chance at Claire and once they finally do get her, the first obstacle they come across makes them willing to turn in the towel.  Seriously?!  They were so committed to making a life with her and then one muttered phrase has them throwing it all away.  That’s also the only real conflict in the story and Claire is able to easily derailed it.

Overall, Make Mine Midnight was a good quick erotic read, but I’m glad I didn’t pay anything for it.  I know romance and erotic novels have a reputation for not having a plot, but this one just fed that stereotype.  If you need your romance to have a plot and love conquering something – Make Mine Midnight isn’t it.  However, if you’re looking for a quick trashy read, then pick this up.  Make Mine Midnight was still good and doesn’t distract me from reading more of Annmarie McKenna’s work; but I am a girl who needs a little more plot with my romance, hence my not-so-excited review.

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  1. One of AnnMarie’s stories was the first erotic romances that I read. I had just gotten my Kindle and discovered the joys of being able to download that kind of content LOL, but after reading one or two more of hers, I decided that was enough. I did read this one because it was free and I enjoyed it, but I definitely wouldn’t have paid for it.

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