One Little Sin by L. Carlyle

Per a recommendation from, someone who I can’t remember at the moment, I decided to read Liz Carlyle’s One Little Sin. It’s the first novel in her Little trilogy and introduces us to Esme & Alasdair. This is the type of novels I was raised on believe it or not, so I actually found it to be quite a good read. Historical romances can be more than trashy novels (unfortunately, they do have that reputation to some people), but they are the perfect getaway for someone who is looking for a happy ever after.

For Esme, her story begins by traveling to London to inform Alasdair that he has fathered a daughter with her mother, and since her mother has passed away, the child’s welfare is now in his hands. At a loss for words, and wondering what in the hell he did, Alasdair offers Esme a job as the girls’ governess. At this point, the story does get kind of predictable, so I won’t say anything else.

Overall, it was a cute little story. I’ve been moving away from the romance genre over the last couple of years because I was getting tired of the predictability and the constant HEAs. However, Carlyle gives us a little more and takes the story in more directions than most novels I’m familiar with. Esme and Alasdair’s circumstances continually change and their character development flows throughout the novel while they both grow and mature into their new roles. While I am not as much of a romance reader as I once was, I will always make an exception for a good story that doesn’t stick with the predictability. With that said, I’m going to check out the next novel in this trilogy.

Read Order:
One Little Sin
Two Little Lies
Three Little Secrets

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  1. Liz Carlyle is one of my favourite romance authors. She can take the most cliched situations and yet still make the stories fresh just through the beautiful quality of her writing!

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