Kiss At Your Own Risk by S. Rowe

Kiss At Your Own RiskFor the past couple of weeks, I’ve been completely stressed over work, school, and a million other miscellaneous dramas that just will not leave me alone. I knew I either needed a month at the beach with several cabana boys waiting on me hand and foot, or a really good book that could keep reality at bay for several hours. Well, I have neither the time or the money to run away to the beach (no matter how much I want to) so instead I read Kiss At Your Own Risk by Stephanie Rowe and I have to say, it was better than the cabana boys.

He needed a killer woman…

Blaine Underhill is one lucky man after having recently escaped a century and a half of imprisonment at the hands of an evil witch. Now he’s determined to save his still-enslaved friend, but in order to do so, he’ll need the help of one of the world’s most lethal women.

She was drop dead gorgeous, literally…

Trinity Harpswell is sick and tired of being a Black Widow. Having managed to go three years without accidentally killing anyone she loves, she’s one short week away from freeing herself from this killer curse forever.

When Blaine tracks her down and convinces her to help him, little does Trinity know that the next seven days are going to be murder!

A humorous, fast paced novel, Kiss At Your Own Risk takes everything you thought you knew about paranormal romance novels and turns it upside down. Trinity Harpswell has spent her life trying to seduce and be with (but never fall in love with) men she is absolutely not attracted to. That way, her Black Widow curse won’t be invoked and she won’t murder them. (Murder never really was her thing, not even killing innocent bugs.)

Blaine Underhill thinks that the only way he could ever figure out how to finally kill the evil witch who held him captive and tortured him for the past 150 years, is through the Black Widow. So it’s only logical that he kidnaps her and forces her to do his bidding. But even the best laid plans never work out. Like, he didn’t expect to have to save Trinity from her own mother’s attempted kidnapping. Or that she might not actually want to kill anyone (at least for the next week).

The evil witch Blaine is so desperate to kill, just so happens to be Death’s Grandma. She wasn’t exactly trying to torture her boys (well mostly, sometimes it was required). No, she was trying to turn them into the perfect men. Think hunky, manly warriors who like to cross-stich and paint and aren’t too afraid to talk about their emotions.

I was laughing from the first sentence. (And anyone who has ever been stressed knows, one of the best cures is laughter.) Kiss At Your Own Risk is a wonderful, unique, hilarious novel that can and will keep reality at bay while it takes you on a wild ride.

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  1. Great Review! I love the sound of this one, so I will have to put in on my TBR list!!! I am new to your site, and I just love romance fiction!! I am now following you! I am looking forward to reading more reviews!

  2. I read Stephanie’s Immortally Sexy series and it was hilarious. Very fast-paced with lots of totally out there characters. I’m sure this will be more of the same and I definitely want to read it.

  3. Thanks!

    Yeah, Jen, I absolutely loved that series (and apparently there might be a new book in that series in the works!!!)

  4. Of course thats easier said than done…After being imprisoned in the Den of Womanly Pursuits by and evil witch for the last 150 years Blaine Underhill is thrilled to escape from her clutches but now he needs to save his friend that wasnt lucky enough to get out. When he tracks Trinity down to help him she doesnt know that she may be forfeiting her own life… ..Stephanie Rowe has written a very entertaining tale keeping the storyline light with her witty characters and the bizarre situations they keep finding themselves in…I loved the attack of the schnoodles and the torture by embroidery.

  5. Oh this sounds like a great read. I’ve note ever read Stephanie Rowe before. This definitely sounds up my ally though and a book I need to get a hold of. Thanks so much for the recommend!

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