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LE EyeI’m a little late with this, but…

Happy 3rd birthday Literary Escapism!

Yeah, I’m about 2 months late with that, but December 20th tends to fall during a busy time of year and I wanted to make sure I celebrated it right.  Plus, February is the month of another birthday, that without it, LE might not have happened.  The monkey is turning 4 and without him, I never would have become a stay at home mom (SAHM) who went stir-crazy at the 10 month mark and turned to book blogging as a way to interact with people.  Well, I should be honest, I never thought I would actually interact with anyone – I didn’t even know the book blogging community existed – but the mental exercise of writing reviews was something I needed to do.

I still can’t believe it’s been three years and last year was pretty monumental.  Not only did I get the chance to attend the RT Booklovers Convention and do some live interviews with a few of my favorite authors, but LE added 5 new reviewers – Tricia, Jennifer, Lisa, Casey and Nikki – who have totally helped me keep the site loaded with reviews.  Seriously, without these girls, reviews would be very scarce and I can’t thank them enough for helping me.

The last three years have been amazing and I never thought LE would grow to be what it is today.  So I totally want to show my appreciation to all of my fabulous readers out there and what better day to do that on then Valentine’s Day.

I have three sets of books that I am giving away and all you have to do to get a chance at them is to tell me how did you find Literary Escapism? Were you directed here from another site?  Did you stumble across us on Facebook?  How did you hear about LE?  What can I say, I’m curious to see how people are finding LE.

Here’s the three prize packs I’ll be giving away:
First Prize: Signed copies of the first four novels in Richelle Mead’s Georgina Kincaid series –
Succubus Blues, Succubus on Top, Succubus Dreams and Succubus Heat.

Second Prize: Copies of the first three novels in Larissa Ione’s Demonica series –
Pleasure Unbound, Desire Unchained and Passion Unleashed.

Third Prize: A copy of Syrie James’ Nocturne, Jocelynn Drake’s Dawnbreaker and Tracey O’Hara’s Death’s Sweet Embrace


If 25 people end up entering the contest, I’ll draw a fourth winner for a copy of Clay & Susan Griffith’s The Greyfriar.  If 50 people enter the contest, I’ll draw a fifth winner for a copy of Meg Cabot’s Insatiable.  If 75 people enter the contest, I’ll draw a sixth winner for a copy of Anne Bishop’s Shalador’s Lady.

As always, there’s more ways of getting your name in the hat (remember, these aren’t mandatory to enter, just extra entries):

  • +1 for each place you post about today’s contest on your blog, social network – anywhere you can. Digg it, stumble it, twit it, share it with the world. Wherever you share it, make sure you add a link to it along with your answer.
  • +1 to any review you comment on, however, comments must be meaningful. Just give me the title of the review and I’ll be able to figure it out from there.
  • +1 If you are a follower of Literary Escapism on Facebook and/or Twitter
  • +5 for having commented anywhere on Literary Escapism prior to today.
  • +10 Purchase any novel through LE’s Amazon store or the Book Depository sometime during this contest and send a copy of the receipt VIA email for your purchase to: jackie AT literaryescapism DOT com. Each purchase is worth ten entries.

The contest will stay open until February 26th, at which time I’ll determine the winner with help from the Research Randomizer and the List Randomizer.

I have not been contacting winners, so you will need to check back to see if you’ve won.

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I am a 30-something SAHM with two adorable boys and a supportive husband who is very tolerant of my reading addiction. I love to read and easily go through about a dozen books a month – well I did before I had kids. Now, not so much. After my first son was born, I began to take my hobby of reviewing a little more serious and started Literary Escapism to help with my sanity. I love to discuss the fabulous novels I’ve read and meeting all the wonderful people in the book blogging community has been amazing.


  1. I found LE through Vampire Wire and I’m glad I did. I enjoy your blog.

    +1Facebook follower
    +5 previouse commenter

    • Thanks everyone!

      Don’t forget – you have to answer the question in order to be entered. No answer, no entry. Just like with any other contest.

      @Carrie – someone mentioned LE in the Amazon boards? That’s kind of cool.

  2. I cannot participate but I wanted to share my experience :)

    Upon getting back into the world of reading after a long long break, I discovered Goodreads through the Barnes & Noble forums. It was through Goodreads that I met Jackie, as she joined my Parnanormal & Urban Fantasy Group Reads group there and she had posted that she needed reviewers :)

    I jumped at the chance to do something I already enjoyed doing (but now I do it better because Jackie cracks the whip! lol).

    I call our meeting a blessing really, because I am so much happier today than I was before I had met her :)

  3. Look, you got a GFC link!!

    Please don’t enter me, but I wanted to show my love for LE, Jackie, you were a great help to me getting started and your blog continues to be one of my favorites. Congrats on 3 years!

  4. I found LE through the League of Reluctant Adults challenge. One of the League authors (maybe Mark Henry, or it could have been another) posted a link to the contest post and I’ve been reading LE ever since.

    +1 FB follower
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  5. I found Literary Escapism through a recommendation during BBAW last year – and was immediately hooked! I can’t remember which site the recommendation was through but it was shortly after I started blogging seriously and I was inspired. LE is now one of the blogs I check daily!

    FB Follower as well!

  6. I also can’t participate, but thought I’d share my story, like Tricia. :)

    In a way, I didn’t find Literary Escapism; it was more like it found me. :) I had worked for over 2 years with Jackie’s hubby Jesse, who is also a friend on Facebook. I happened to post about my new Kindle and he decided to contact me about an awesome opportunity. He said that his wife had a book review blog and that she was looking to expand the genres she covered. So he put me in contact with Jackie, I expressed my excitement in helping her out and the rest is history. ;)

    My only real complaint is that due to a lack of time (I work full time, have a 4 year old daughter and am now getting ready to move into a home that needs TONS of updating. LOL), I’m unable to read and review as often as I’d like.

    I’m incredibly grateful to Jesse for contacting me about the opportunity and to Jackie for giving me a chance! I love that I’ve been able to help expand the genres the site covers and that this site and its reviewers have opened me up to the world of Urban Fantasy…something I never thought I’d enjoy, but now love! :)

    Good luck to everyone entering the contest and Happy 3rd Birthday LE!

  7. I can’t remember exactly how I found Literary Escapism, but probably through another blog.

    Happy 3rd Birthday!

  8. Happy Third birthday! :)

    I don’t really remember how I found your site, but I think it might of been from one of the author blogs I was on…thinking it was Chloe Neill’s Blog. I am so glad that I’ve found your wonderful blog, I’m always discovering new books and authors! Keep up the good work!

    +1 tweeted:!/vanpham88/status/37292795182067712
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    +1 LE facebook fan and twitter follower @vanpham88
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  9. I found LE through a discussion thread on amazon. People were talking about the best sites to find new release info and dates and LE was recommended.

  10. I started following after finding you through Facebook. I really enjoy the monthly book cover reveals as well as the listing of potential good reads for us the book lovers :)

    Thanks for the giveaway

    +1 for following blog and facebook

    (i dont know if i have commented before so I wont include) sorry i follow several blogs and can never remember where i post.

  11. It’s been awhile, but I think I might have found this blog through Rebecca at DSB. Your tastes seem to be very similar to mine so I really enjoy the reviews posted here. Happy Blog Birthday and thanks for the giveaway (although I’d disqualify myself for the Demonica series because I’ve already read and loved all of them).

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    +1 commented on Lover Awakened
    +1 commented on the review of the Remy Chandler novels
    +1 commented on the Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
    +1 commented on The Iron Queen

  12. Hmm…I can’t remember. I think it might have been an author mentioned a contest/interview on LE and I went from there and kept coming back when I saw all the features!

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  13. I found LE on another great blog All Things Urban Fantasy. I check it everyday and have discovered some great books as a result. Great job and Happy Anniversary!

  14. Those are wicked awesome prizes! I am totally in love with the Georgina Kincaid series too. :D

    My memory is a little fuzzy, but I am pretty sure I found you linked through from another book review site – but now I am on your mailing list and a google connect friend!

    Happy Anniversary!

    +5 I’m a previous commenter

    Miranda, Sweet Vernal Zephyr
    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  15. I Was Sent here By Vampire Book Club Blog
    +1 I like you on Facebook I Via GFC

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