Midnight Sun by S. Meyer

So I finally got around to reading the partial draft of Midnight Sun that Stephenie Meyer has on her website (the one she wants everyone to see instead of the one that was illegal distributed).  There’s only about 260 pages, but from what there is, it seems to go in a completley different direction that Twilight.  I’m not sure if that is good or not.

Basically, Midnight Sun is Edward’s take on how Twilight happened.  This time, we get to see the events take place through Edward’s (and ultimately through his families) head and find out what his reactions were.  I have to admit, he is a very complex character because his reactions in Midnight Sun were so not what I thought they were in Twilight.  His initial reaction to Bella in Twilight (from Bella’s POV) seemed to be more of fascination and horror than what was actually going through his mind in Midnight Sun.  Reading the story from Edward’s perspective gave me a whole new appreciation with his character in Twilight.

Plus, being in Edward’s mine for the story also gave us more insight into a lot of the other characters within Twilight.  For instance, what was Jessica’s reaction to Bella?  Exactly what was going through Mike’s head when he thought about Bella?  What do the Cullen’s think about Bella?  We actually got to see these sides because of Edward’s ability.  I have to say, this helped flesh out a lot of the characters in my opinion.

Now comparing the two, since they are supposedly the same storyline/plot, shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.  I haven’t read Twilight since last August, and I have seen the movie on three various times, but I didn’t think that the events were that different.  When I saw the movie, I thought it had stuck pretty close to the novel – closer than most other book to movies have done.  However, after reading Midnight Sun, I’m starting to doubt that.  Some of the events that happened in Midnight Sun were so different than what I remembered in Twilight.  For instance, when Bella confronts Edward about what he is – the where and how was completely different than what I remembered.  Again, maybe it was the movie’s way of showing it, but I thought in Twilight that Bella confronted Edward during the school day and, after the big unveiling, they spent the day together in the sun.  In Midnight Sun, Bella confronts Edward on the way back from Port Angeles (when she went with Jessica and Angela to shop for dresses) while they are in the car.  And she hasn’t seen the sparkles in the first 260 pages.  That’s just one instance where I thought Midnight Sun differed from Twilight.

One thing I have to say about Midnight Sun, it seems to be focused more on the strange courtship of Edward and Bella than on teh events that happened in Twilight.  I’m sure Meyer is going to get to the “action sequences” at some point, but after 260 pages, I would have assumed that there would be some mention of James or the random “animal” attacks going on in Forks.  So far, I haven’t seen any of that.

I’ve heard that Meyer is currently writing Midnight Sun, and I had heard she was going to start over since this partial draft had been leaked on the internet, but I’m not sure how much of it she’s actually going to change.  From what I’ve read, I think Midnight Sun is going to be just as hot as Twilight and I really can’t wait to read the rest of the novel (whenever it’s published).  Although, the more I think about this, I think I’m going to read Twilight again.  Now I’m curious to see which one is closer to TwilightMidnight Sun or the movie.

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  1. I have no clue what the official status is on Midnight Sun nor where these covers came from. I actually found two potential covers, but I have no clue why there are around.

    The blue cover is from Book News and it has a caption that says from Forever in the Meadow and the post was dated Sept. 1, 2008 – so not that recent. I’m not sure if this was something drawn up by the author or this was a leaked copy of the actual cover.

    The black/red cover is is from Twilight n the Cullens Fans, which was posted on Dec. 21, 2008. They are saying it’s the cover for the fifth book, but again, I haven’t seen this posted anywhere else, so who knows.

    Personally, I like the blue one better. I’ve heard that Meyer is working on the novel, but there haven’t been any updates on her page for Midnight Sun.

  2. Glad you read this, I was wondering about it. I think that I would get hooked though so I will wait until a completed version comes out. Good to know that it’s interesting!

  3. I read Midnight Sun also and I don’t see the appeal of reading everything I read in Twilight from the point of Edward. I rather like the mystery of not knowing what was going on in his mind.

    But I do feel bad someone Stephanie may have trusted let out her work.

  4. I think that this is brilliant! A point of view from Edward’s perspective is what we fans need in order to understand Edward more. Sure we fell in love with him from Bella, but we can now decide better than from “he said, she said”. I hope to be one of the first to buy this novel off the shelves.

  5. I will have to let my daughters know that this is out there. They are the ones that introduced me to Twilight – I also had to see the movie with them a couple of times – it is really very addicting!

  6. I really hope Midnight Sun is published. I loved all of the Twilight books and would love to read Twilight from Edward’s POV.

  7. I am so glad she wrote this perspective. I absolutely loved the books; however I found myself wanting to have the characters and backgrounds fleshed out a bit more- the unabridged version, per se. Midnight Sun seems to do that for starters. I only hope that Stephanie Meyer’s muse extends over in to all of the books. Each one is unique and consumes your interest!

  8. A few things draw my attetion in your review of midnight sun, i have just finished readin the draft myself, and i have also read twilight quite recently, and from my memory the actions in midnight sun are close if not the same to twilight, the comparisons you’ve made between the places where bella finds out are actually comparisons with what happens in the film and not in the book. But i think midnight sun is a very good read giving a whole new depth to edwards character

    • Josh – Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading Midnight Sun, but you’re right….I may be thinking too much about the movie. I haven’t read Twilight since August and I thought the movie was pretty close to the book, but now I’m curious to see if it actually was. I think what I’m going to do is wait until it comes out on DVD, read the book and then watch the movie the night I finish it, then do a comparison on the two.

  9. I liked Midnight Sun because you could get a rest from the eternal teen angsted Bella. Edward gives an account of what happened and even accepts he’s a creepy demented stalked..which at least makes me believe he’s not totally insane.
    My feeling was that they changed the confrontation scene in the movie and the way its portraied in Midnight Sun is the same as in Twilight (book).
    They did change somethings in the movie, but they did it well. For instance, Bella only saw Edward’s vampire sparkling moves a couple of days after she found out he was a vampire. But in the movie it’s right after she confronts him. However this do not hinder the movie in my opinion….

  10. Hello! I wonder if that copy is avaliable on book, and can we from Sweden buy it in swedish? Please, i want an answer, i really want that copy! Sincerely, Ida!

  11. Ida – the book isn’t finished. The only thing available is a partial draft that she has posted on her website (see links above) and even then she said she was going to start over once she did “officially” restart the book. Which I have heard that she is currently working on.

  12. Please, Stephenie, finish that d… great book, Just sit and write cause it’s going very well, and we just can’t wait… I wish she reads it :/ I long for reading the Midnight Sun…

  13. In response to Jackie, Stephenie Meyer thinks that she shouldnt do the book-which is crazy. I read the partial draft and it’s really good!! But, nothing has really happened between edward and bella yet except school. But anyway, she might not do the book.

  14. now how come in here they say that there will be a midnight sun? on her website she says no more. Whats up… i cant imagine that she can sit there and not help edward express his fellings as well

  15. hey i like the blue cover i read all of what stephanie posted and personaly i loed it and would love to see if anything comes of it. i love she explores edwards mind and shows all his thoughts on whats happening to hin when i think of the movie and i think of how he acted towards bella i rly wanted to know what was going thru his mind and this is the chance to rly know what going on i would love to see this book finished

  16. OMG thanks for someone to finally say it! they got that part wrong in the movie in the book she confronts him about in on the way BACK from Port Angeles. but yeah i tihnk its great shes gonna write it but i really wished that (whoever put up Midnight Sun) did do that it sucked and it ruined our lives until Edward’s POV comes out and seriously person if your reading WTF??! but yeah hopefully she will put it out SOON i know lots of people are dieing to read it i havent read Midnight Sun i dont want to read it until it comes out offially

  17. I have read all four books more than four times each. I discovered new info in each or understood points that I ran over by reading too fast. Can’t wait for MIDNIGHT SUN TO REDONE. EDWARD NEEDS IN VOICE IN THIS SERIES. EDWARD IS SO VITAL AND THE OTHER CHARACTERS NEED THEIR VOICES HEARD ALONG WITH EDWARD, NOT SEPARATE FROM HIM. (I LUV EDWARD)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. to webmaster:
    READ THE BOOK IT WAS NOTHING LIKE THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I LOVEd this version of Midnight Sun!
    I hope that Stephanie will finish and write all four books from Edwards perspective!!!!

  20. Is this the real cover? the red 1 i mean cuz it doesn’t seem that way its supposed 2 have summin white on it but the writing doesn’t count

  21. There is no “real” cover for Midnight Sun since it hasn’t been published. These are two covers I found on the internet though. No clue who did them originally.

  22. i´ve read the partial draft two times, at first i thought that maybe i wouldn´t like it, because i thought it will be the exact same thing of the twilight book, but i love it i mean is the same history of course but express it in a totally diferent way in the perspective of edwards and thats why is so intersting and diferent because in twilight we can´t know what was edward and his family really thinking or felling and in this one we can and i really really hope that stephani is considering write the other three books in the perspective of edwards or at least the new moon book.

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