Contest: Etched in Bone by A. Phoenix

APhoenix - Etched in BoneTo celebrate the release of the fourth Maker of the Song novel, Adrian Phoneix has stopped with a special treat for everyone.

Determined to face the Fallen and the world on his own terms, Dante hopes to piece together his shattered past and claim his future, with FBI agent Heather Wallace at his side. But in Heather’s human family awaits an unexpected enemy, one who could force Dante to choose his darkest destiny—as the Great Destroyer . . .

Son of a fallen angel. Forged in vampire’s blood. Sworn to a mortal woman. If Dante falls, the world falls with him. Three legacies etched in bone. One passion sworn in blood.

I bet you want to know what the treat is, huh. To give you a little taste of what you’re getting in Etched in Bone, here’s a bit from chapter two. You can read the first two chapters here.

Also, we’ll be giving away a signed copy of Etched in Bone and a signed copy of either A Rush of Wings, In the Blood or Beneath the Skin – winners choice?

Annie watched in horror as Heather swayed in front of the ebony shelves lined with sleek and colorful bottles of liquor. Her head rocked forward, her red hair fanning across her face, then she crumpled, falling behind the counter and out of Annie’s view with a soft thud.

“Heather!” Annie screamed.

But Heather was out cold. Tranked by their own father.

And it’s all my fucking fault.

And, as shocked as she was by the fact that her sister had just tried to shoot their father, Annie wished—in that moment—that Heather hadn’t missed.

Annie struggled against the black-uniformed asshole holding her, kicking ineffectually with her bare feet. She knuckled both fists into his bulletproof vest–protected gut, pounding the mingled odors of sweat and gun oil into the air. He grunted, but more out of irritation than any real discomfort. And his bruising grip on her biceps didn’t ease one iota. In fact, it tightened.

“Settle down,” he growled, his eyes—the only thing visible beneath the ski mask stretched across his face—gray flint. “We’re here to help you, for chrissakes.”

“Fucker! Let me go!” Annie tried to ram a knee into the uniformed asshole’s crotch, but missed when he arched his torso away from her.

“Annie, enough. We don’t have time for your nonsense.”

She twisted around to see James Wallace standing behind her, brushing at the knees of his wheat-colored slacks. He nodded at the man holding her. “Go ahead and release her.”

The hands slid away from Annie’s arms and she rubbed her aching biceps. Her fingers tingled as her circulation returned.

“Finished with your tantrum?”

Annie met James Wallace’s stern regard and spat into his face. Spittle flecked the lenses of his glasses, glistened on his cheek. “You used me, you fucker.”

Her father wiped at his glasses and face with the sleeve of his trench coat, his expression one more of weary exasperation than the disgust she’d hoped for. “Of course I did. And without regret. Do you know why?”

“Because you’re a prick?”

James Wallace smiled, but there was nothing warm or paternal in that curving of lips. “Because I will do whatever it takes to save Heather’s life.”

Adrian PhoenixMe and my cats (Amiga, Diabla, and Ember) live in Springfield, Oregon and dream about having a home in New Orleans one of these days (well, I do, anyway. The cats most likely have far different goals involving sleep). I like Springfield, so I’d keep my home here too (in these wild fantasies) so I’d have a place during the summer heat and humidity and, wow, why not a nice little cottage on the Oregon coast while I’m at it? And a few pool boys?

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APhoenix - Rush of WingsAdrian is giving away a signed copy of Etched in Bone and a signed copy of either A Rush of Wings, In the Blood or Beneath the Skin – winners choice, to two winners. To enter, all you have to do is answer this one question: How do you prefer your supernaturals? Angsty witches?  Broody vampires? Domineering shapeshifters? Remember, you must answer the question in order to be entered.

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The contest will stay open until March 10th, at which time I’ll determine the winner with help from the Research Randomizer and the List Randomizer.

I have not been contacting winners, so you will need to check back to see if you’ve won.

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  1. I hope I’m interpreting the question correctly and I didn’t miss something specific. I’m not real picky, so I think I just like my shifters, as well vamps, to be not of the uncontrollable monster variety that can’t help but go rampaging humans. I prefer that they’re able to function on a human level most of the time, and also have the preference that they retain their mental faculties while in animal form. That’s not to say I can’t enjoy when they’re not, I just seem to like that way better.

    I follow LE on fb Bethany Cardone and twitter bcardoo79

  2. I would have to say as long as they can retain the qualities that make them human in the other form, anything is fine with me. I do prefer feline shifters for some reason, but any species is fine with me.

  3. I’m not sure how to answer this question. I like all shifters, as long as they’re the “good” guys and gals. :) I guess my favorites would be wolf and big cat shifters.

    I follow LE on Facebook (Myranda Heilaman) and on Twitter (MyrandaRoyann)

  4. I’m with the others, I like my shapeshifters to retain their humanity while in animal form, while being enhanced by their animal senses. And I prefer predatory shifters.

    Don’t enter me in the contest. I have all the books and love them. I promote Adrian’s books on my blog all the time!

  5. Honestly, not too big on shapshifters…
    I am more into vampires! To me they are just more believable than a cat turning elephant (how in the world does all that animal fit in a kitty??? ;)= Sorry, no offense!

    I am with DBR on this one, I have all the books and talk about the lovely Adrian on FB all the time – sorry, not a blogger!

    Thinking of it, I’ll post something right now!


  6. I prefer my shapeshifters large and in charge – especially dragon shifters, and large cats. I’m looking forward to Etched in Bone, as well as the new Hoodoo book.


  7. If I had to be a shifter I think I would choose a big cat. Probably a Leopard because they are really cool.

    I am a Follower.


    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  8. I like my shifters cat-ish, so they either transform into a cat, leopard, panther, … Wich makes that as a human, they tend to be very lean but also quite solitary, mysterious and thus somewhat creepy.
    As for the transformation, it’s gotta be smooth. No pain, no full moon-issues, just a smooth shift whenever wherever. But not without its cost, however. A shift drains a specific sort of energy, so once that is burned up, they shift back and can’t transform again until they replenished their energy by sleeping. When drained, as a human, they are less alert and quite useless in battle.

    I follow you on facebook (Jannick Verleysen) and having a GoodReads-account, I’ll be sure to review it there as I try to do with all of my books.

    Jannick V.


  9. Update: I totally screwed up and forgot to change the question when I posted this, so I broaden it a little to include other paranormals instead of just shapeshifters. Everyone is still good though.

  10. Angsty witches? nay
    Broody vampires? better *g*
    Domineering shapeshifters? oh yeah, just what I love to read about ;)
    Adrian, congrats on your newest release – I’ve heard fantastic things about your books but haven’t had the chance to read them yet…
    greetings, Melanie

  11. I like the general mix of supernatural creatures – my preference is either for a really unique supernatural – like Riley Jenson who’s half vamp and half were or for completely ‘normal’ supernaturals who are trying to live normal – like Kitty Norville. I realise that covers a wide range!! :-)

    FB Follower

  12. I like my supernaturals to have some kind of vulnerability or weakness, otherwise, it just doesn’t seem fair to the humans in the story. Perfection gets kind of boring. And why is it that the vamps are always gorgeous? One of the things I love about Karen Chance’s books are that not all of the vamps are gorgeous. They are whatever they were when they were turned – good or bad.

    +1 commented on Lover Awakened
    +1 commented on The Werewolf Upstairs

  13. I like my shapeshifters to retain human qualities. They are just different.

    follow on FB and twitter

  14. I like for my shifters to still be able to function in society. The whole they are a part of our community but we don’t know about it is fun. I also like it if they have some kind of flaw, humans aren’t perfect and so they shouldn’t be either.

  15. my fav by far are the…

    (H)uman qualities
    (I)nstincts of an animal
    (F)urry, Fun and Frightening
    (T)otally possessive with their mate
    (E)nergy used to transform
    (R)un wild and romantic at heart
    (S)exual and seductive

    – follower of Literary Escapism on Facebook and/or Twitter
    – posted about today’s contest on social network an/or Twitter

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