Bloodwind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Bloodwind is the first book in Charlotte Boyett-Compo’s Wind Demon Trilogy.

On frontier station Khamsin-14, Prime Reaper Kamerone Cree is a man to be feared. When the shapeshifting assassin comes on board, women lock their doors and warriors shiver in fear as he passes. Garnering his notice is something no one wants, but one woman has caught the vampire warrior’s eye. Dr. Bridget Dunne is terrified of the man they call the Iceman, but it is her job to seduce him and bring Cree over to the Resistance. Will she be able to control the Reaper’s dark passions or will they destroy her?

Blood Wind is one of the better science fiction/romance books I have read in a long time, outside of the classics. The action alone captured me and held me for hours. I would look up and find that three hours have gone by and everyone in the house was sleep. I may have been delirious by then but I was so close to finishing that I HAD to find out that happened. I was a little intimadated by the huge amount of information at the beginning of the book, but it worked itself in very nicely. It was an action packed sci-fi love story with enough plot twists to make a soap opera queen envious. I was not expecting myself to like this book but the cliffhanger has made it so I will definitely be waiting for the next installment of this awesome story.

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