Demon’s Hunger by E. Silver

The second novel in Eve Silver’s Compact of Sorcerers series, Demon’s Hunger, was good, but it took me awhile to get into it.

Forensic anthropologist Vivien Cairn fears she’s losing her mind. Her libido has kicked into overdrive, and she’s blacking out-leaving hours of her life unaccounted for and no memory of where she’s been…or what she’s done. But when a sexy stranger rescues her from a demon attack, Vivien realizes there’s more than just her sanity at stake…

A seductive killer is luring victims, and Sorcerer Dain Hawkins finds himself walking a dangerous line between ancient duty and sizzling desire when the brotherhood-and Vivien herself-begin to suspect that her mysterious symptoms may connect her to the crimes. Can Dain save Vivien from the evil that threatens to claim her? Or will they both succumb to…Demon’s Hunger…

Silver is a completely new to me author and I had no idea that this wasn’t the first novel in a series. I had an inkling that it was possible that there was more to this story than what I knew, but I never once felt out of the loop.  We are given a little more of the over all story, but it all worked with what I had read in Demon’s Hunger.  The plot was rather good, yet there were a few holes that I wish had been explained.  For one thing, the reason behind Vivien’s numerous blackouts was kind of glossed over.  They gave a reason for her health, but I didn’t feel like they addressed her memory issues.  However, everything else that went with the story worked really well.

As for the characters and their romance, I’m not too impressed.  The two just seemed to end up with each other, like they didn’t have a choice and they went with it.  There was a lot of character development potential, meaning we were given some interesting background on the two, but I think it could have been fleshed out a bit more to make their courtship more interesting.  It seemed like the two were either hating the other for what they could have been/done or they were wanting to screw each other’s brains out – where the two met seemed kind of forced.

But I do have to say that Demon’s Hunger wasn’t all that bad.  It was still a good story, with some interesting characters, but a little underdeveloped.  I wouldn’t be against reading more in this series, but right now, I’m not heading out to look for more.  I have other books in my eyesight and this series hasn’t distracted me from them.

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