Want a Trading Card?

Limited Edition LE/DFT Trading CardHave I shown these off here yet?  I know I was showing them off on the FB page when I was designing LE’s, but check it out – LE has a trading card!  For the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention this year, a lot of authors have been coming up with trading cards.  When I was approached about putting something out in promotion row at the convention, I wanted to do something different and decided to jump on the bandwagon with the authors.  However, LE is a simply blog and I don’t have as much information as an author does to put on a card, so Angela from Dark Faerie Tales jumped on the wagon with me and now we have our own shiny cards.  Aren’t they gorgeous!

Trust me.  They look fabulous when I hold them in my hand and I totally want to share them.  So, I’ll send out 20 cards (and maybe some random swag that I have) to the first 20 people who fill out the form below.

These are limited edition cards and are only available through Dark Faerie Tales, LE and at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in LA (you should find them in promotion row).  Angela and I only have 200 (after sending a bunch out to LA) and once they are gone, they are gone.

Updated: And they are gone….I’ll do another giveaway later.

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