My First Vampire

I wrote this back in 1996 after I read my first paranormal novels and after re-reading it, I realized it is also kind of a review/synopsis. The novels happened to be Linda Lael Miller’s Forever and the Night and For All Eternity, and since they are awesome books, I thought I would share this with you. It’s a little blast from a past, but my 10 year reunion is coming up and Vampire Wire’s Meyer contest made me think of this. If you haven’t read the books, and want to, I wouldn’t read on.

Forced into a life of hell, he stalks the living.
Forced to be immortal, he drinks their blood.
Able to move between centuries,
between lands at a mere thought,
staying clear of warlocks and their poisonous blood,
fearing all angels, and their great leader – Nemesis,
obeying teh powerful Vampire Queen Lissette,
vampires stalk teh living and drink their blood.

Only one can anger the Queen the worst – Aidan.
Forced against his will to become the vampire he is,
he drinks teh blood of thieves, drunks, and postitutes.
After his forced transformatin, his twin,
Maeve, follows his footsteps into the Vampire world
through the help of their friend – Valerian.
Defying all vampire rituals,
he becomes a mortal for the love of a woman.

Weeks later, his sister, still grieving for the loss of her brother,
meets a Union doctor, Calder, only to fall desperately in love with him.
Trying to keep from losing him,
she works with the warlock to overthrow the queen Lisette,
for fear of an invasion of the angels.
While Valerian, behind her back,
transforms Calder into a vampire,
she fights for the immortals of the world.
After a winnign battle,
Maeve and Calder live and love for all eternity.

Showing that two lovesick vampires can control their lives,
Valerian leaves for slumber,
Lisette is destroyed,
and creatures of the dark are at peace with the angels.
Aidan’s wish comes true, the wish to be a mortal.
Maeve’s life takes a turn;
becoming the new Vampire Queen,
she finds the one thing she could never have found
if not for her brother;
she would learn to know the meaning to love another.

Written by J. Morgan 1996-1997

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