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Linda WisdomI am excited to welcome author Linda Wisdom, who has just released Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend, the fifth novel in her fabulous Hex series.

A bewitching woman on a mission…
Feisty witch Maggie enjoys her work as a paranormal law enforcement officer-that is, until she’s assigned to protect a teenager with major attitude and plenty of Mayan enemies. Maggie’s never going to survive this assignment without the help of a half-fire demon who makes her smolder…

A hotter-than-sin hero with an agenda…
Declan is proprietor of an underground club and busy demon portal. No way he’ll allow his demon race to be blamed for the malicious acts of some crazy evil Mayans. But he’s already got his hands full when the sexy witch offers him a challenge he can’t refuse…

Make sure you stick around to the end. We’ll be giving away two copies of Linda’s novel, Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend.

Witches Rule! Demons Drool!

Thank you so much for having me here to talk about how I create my characters in my books!

I have a t-shirt that reads ‘I live in a world of my own, but that’s okay, they know me here’.

I’ve been told I have a demented imagination. Personally? I see it as normal. Yes, maybe quirky, but isn’t quirky fun?

I like the idea of a cute and sassy red-haired witch named Jazz (50 Ways to Hex Your Lover) who eliminates curses, mainly in the Hollywood area, who’s unable to cook, living on Starbucks mochas, loves her designer bags, and known for wearing a pair of bunny slippers named Fluff and Puff that sport razor sharp teeth and have magick of their own. Forget any attack dog. F&P would take them down in seconds.

Or Stasi (Wicked By Any Other Name), a romance-minded witch who owns a lingerie boutique where she also carries romance novels that complement the intimate apparel, and lives with her sweet Chihuahua/Yorkie who floats instead of walks and disappears at the drop of a hat. And then, there’s Horace, the gargoyle, who enjoys hanging out in the boutique. Namely, the dressing rooms. Yes, Horace is a pervert, but he’s also very loyal and ready to create mayhem at a moment’s notice.

Blair (Hex in High Heels), who’s there to hex up the perfect revenge spell when you’ve been wronged, also deals with Horace and has Felix, her retro Kit-Kat clock who collects local gossip.

Maggie (Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend), a Hellion Guard, who only needs to flick a finger to put down a perp. A diamond covered black widow spider that’s French and looking for the perfect spell to keep her lovers alive, over-caffienated ferrets that are messengers and an elf that drifts calming lavender over people.

From there we go on to a sexy vampire private investigator, a hot looking wizard attorney, a Were Border collie – how perfect is that for those cold winter nights? – and a half fire demon who can heat you up in so many ways.

There’s that demented description again. :}

I love anything that’s odd and unusual. You’d realize that if you ever saw my office. Is there anything more fun than making the unbelievable believable?

Why can’t we believe that sexy attorney we meet at a club is a wizard? Or that the carpenter you hire to build your deck gets all furry during the full moon. Like we women aren’t all that growly a few days a month. Plus why not hiring a private investigator with ultra hearing senses when tailing someone?

My characters pop up in 3D inside my head. I know how they look, how they sound, and how they’ll act. I always hope if they’re that real to me, they’ll be that real to the readers.

My question to you is just that. Do you feel the characters are real in the books you read? Would you expect to run into them at the mall or even the grocery store?

And if you happen to run into a pair of fangy bunny slippers at a chocolate shop? Stay out of their way because they turn into bunnies on a mission when they’re getting their goodies.



Linda Wisdom has published more than 70 novels with 13 million copies sold worldwide. Her bestselling books have been nominated for RT Book Reviews awards and the RWA RITA Award. She recently won the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award for Hex in High Heels. Linda lives with her husband in Murrieta, California, where she is working on her next book, A Demon Does it Better, set to release in January 2012. For more information, please visit

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Blog: Witchy Chicks / Casablanca Authors / Wickedly Romantic
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Want to purchase Linda’s novel?

  1. 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover at Amazon or the Book Depository
  2. Hex Appeal at Amazon or the Book Depository
  3. Wicked by Any Other Name at Amazon or the Book Depository
  4. Hex in High Heels at Amazon or the Book Depository
  5. Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend at Amazon or the Book Depository
  6. A Demon Does it Better (January 1, 2012)


LWisdom - Demons Are a Girl's Best FriendThank you Linda for taking the time to stop by Literary Escapism!

Contest Time! Linda is giving away two copies of her new novel, Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend. To enter, all you have to do is answer this one question: Do you feel the characters are real in the books you read? Would you expect to run into them at the mall or even the grocery store? Remember, you must answer the question in order to be entered. (US/Canada only)

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  1. If you’re not already a fan of Linda’s fabulous Hex series, you will be after reading “Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Rush out to buy this book and buy extra copies for your friends. Once you’ve read this book, you’ll be looking for the others in this series.

  2. Linda although I love fun characters such as yours, and they are fun. Most of t he time when I read I do not see the characters as real. Not being a visual person I don’t really see the characters I’m just reading.

  3. In some of the books I’ve read, the characters seem real. Their personality and reactions seem real and logical. However, their circumstances are not (since I read mostly paranormal books).

    +1 facebook follower

  4. I can’t believe that I have never heard of this author. With 70 books published I would expect to know the name. Would I expect to run into the characters I read about at the mall? No. For me books are an escape from the world so I would like to keep the characters I love in a different place in my heart. Then again, I might like 1 or 2 better than the folks I hang out with.

  5. Yes, most of the characters I read feel real to me. Although I can’t picture them at the mall or grocery store.

  6. Beverly! Thank you so much for coming by!

    Kathy, That’s probably the difference since I’m very visual.

    Amy, considering some of our neighbors I’d wonder if they aren’t slightly paranormal. :}

    Hi Violette, I’ve also written for Harlequin, Silhouette, Loveswept, Dell Candlelight Ecstasy, and a romantic suspense for Kensington.

    Van P, but it could be fun. :}

  7. Yes, definitely. I would imagine running into most of my favorite characters in their haunts because of the frequent mention of them in the books I read.
    This author sounds pretty freaking amazing for having published and sold that many books! I’m glad I found about Linda now since I’m going through a “Demon” phase, and of course who doesn’t love witches? Thanks for the giveaway!

    +1 Tweeted it:!/Lilixtreme/status/56127674422263808
    +1 follower of Facebook and Twitter: @Lilixtreme

  8. Yes, a lot of the characters I read in books seem so real to me that I wouldn’t be surprised to run into them in a dark alley. I’m not about the grocery store, but if I ran into trouble, I’d be looking around for them to help me out.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  9. I don’t believe the characters in books are real so I don’t expect to run into them. But there are some that I would like to be able to run into.

    + 1 facebook follower

  10. First, no need to enter me into the contest. I have all of Linda’s hex series and the Demon book is on order from Amazon Japan. It’s scheduled to arrive in May and I can’t wait. ( :

    If it’s a good story, characters live long after I finish that last page. I love thinking of them as real people. Now as I writer, I feel like characters are crammed into my head. They’re not quite 3-D as Linda describes, but they are very clear on what they want.

    I’ve got to add, I’d love to meet those bunny slippers and Horace. The bunny slippers are a trip and Horace cracks me up. But I have to add, I loved Jazz’s boss in 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover. He was something else indeed! ;-)

    Patrizia writing as Gabriella Hewitt

  11. Hi LiLi, Then it seems my witch and demon book is perfect for you!

    Barbara, Maybe that’s why they might show up where you least expect them — the grocery store. :}

    SandyG265 — You just never know.

    Patrizia! I know you’re still doing okay. Dweezil was something else and I think he’ll have to come back.

  12. Hi Linda,
    Your book sounds like a fun and exciting read. The answer to your questions.
    Do you feel the characters are real in the books you read? Would you expect to run into them at the mall or even the grocery store?
    When I read yes I see the characters as real. It’s like I’m in the story also watching the characters. Do I expect to run into them at the mall or grocery store. At this point nothing would surprise me.
    My Medicine man of our Nation once told me; “just because you don’t see the supernatural beings, doesn’t mean they dont exist”. So that’s the way I look at life. It wouldn’t surprise me if they discovered Vampires, shapeshifters. I know Witches and Demons exist.
    +1 for sharing on facebook: Teresa Kleeman@Facebook

    Teresa K.

  13. So true Teresa!

    There are strange things out there that might not be easily explained but that doesn’t mean they aren’t real. I once saw something in our back yard that was terrifying and real. Best thing is someone else in the house also saw it so I knew it wasn’t my demented imagination.

    You just never know.

  14. I can really get into a book and at times I hate to see the book end as I am going to be out of touch with the characters. I do feel connected to most of them when I am reading a book. susan Leech

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