The Invasion of Dreams

Is it right not to dream,
to never hope for anything or anyone?

We live in a society dictated by realities,
forever reaching into our dreams,
forever hoping to escape the brutality of reality.
With realities upper hand, we are forever grasping,
grasping for the chance to be free –
free to be anyone we want, to be anywhere we want.
To be able to choose our own lives path,
to be able to make mistakes
without reality and society banishing us.
When will our dreams overtake our reality?
Will we always be slaves to reality,
or just her pawns.
When will we be free from socieites bias way?

Now the war is on.
Our dreams have finally clashed with reality.
With our hopes and dreams fighting the dominant reality.
Will there be peace?
Or will the roles be reversed?
If our dreams shall win,
will reality try and break free,
just like our dreams did?
But do we want either reality
or our dreams to win?
Maybe teh war will never be over?
Maybe our dreams and reality
will be forever fighting within us.
Maybe teh war was just starting
and we will be teh casualities
of this endless war forever.

Written by J. Morgan 1996-1997

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