Deceived by the Others by J. Haines

JHaines-Deceived by the OthersChaz is an ass. It may seem harsh to start a review off that way, but once you read Deceived by the Others, the latest H&W Investigations novel by Jess Haines, I think you’ll understand why I did.

Shiarra’s relationship with sexy werewolf Chaz is somewhat unconventional. Still, after a few bumps, Shia is ready to get serious. That means meeting family – or in this case, bringing Chaz’s entire werewolf pack along for a rollicking full-moon weekend in the Catskills. Soon after they arrive, threatening notes appear, warning Chaz to go home. Then, their cabin is ransacked. Shia starts digging to find out whether it’s the work of teenaged werewolves or something more sinister. As rumours about her vampire connections arouse the pack’s hostility, Shia has to contend with other, potentially fatal dangers.

One of the things I like the most about this series is even though we have mages, vampires, shifters and hunters – each book doesn’t involve all of them. Hunted By The Others introduced us to this great world, giving us a glimpse into each world; and Taken By The Others showed us what it meant to be involved with the vampires.  This time around, Deceived by the Others sheds light on the shifters and they are shaking things up.

I keep thinking how I should mention how much Shia has developed, but I can’t get past how much of an idiot Chaz has become.  Or has he always been this clueless, egotistical, selfish thug and we just haven’t noticed it.  Maybe I’m the only one, but I liked the idea of Chaz getting a second chance with Shia, especially considering why she dumped his ass.  However, my opinions on Chaz have definitely changed and I would be surprised if anyone else’s doesn’t after reading Deceived by the Others.

Okay, maybe that’s getting a little into spoiler territory, but I can’t get past how Shia’s weekend with Chas (and the rest of his pack) could end up being such a nightmare.  The best part (and yes I did say best) is that even though the conflict revolves around this weekend getaway, it’s not as life-threatening as we’ve seen in the previous books.  It’s definitely a game changer where the series is concerned, but Shia is going to survive this.  I’ll tell you that right now, and if that’s a spoiler, y’all must not be wanting Justice for the Others because we can’t have it without her.  In a way, that makes it kind of nice.  Deceived by the Others is not going to be an intense read, where Shia’s life is constantly threatening, but it’s more of what it would be like to live in a world with supernaturals.  It’s more relateable if that makes sense.

Overall, Deceived by the Others was fabulous and it kept me engaged the entire time I had it open.  Shia does continue to develop beautifully and that’s really going to benefit her in what’s to come.  Since Deceived by the Others does focus more on the shifters, you won’t see a lot of Royce, Sara or Arnold, but never fear, considering the ending, we’re going to be seeing a lot of them in Justice for the Others a lot.  At least I’m hoping so.

Read Order:
Hunted by the Others
Taken by the Others
Deceived by the Others
Justice for the Others (not soon enough or 2012)

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  1. Until recently, Hunted and Taken by the Others had been languishing on my Kindle ever since I picked them up last year (one was free, the other a bargain). I finally started Hunted last week while I was on vacation and couldn’t put it down. I’m now in the middle of Taken and finding it irresistible also. I was looking forward to Deceived, but I really like Chaz, so if he turns out to be a jerk, I will be majorly bummed.

  2. I called Chaz’s douchebagery during HBTO!! Although, I must admit, I felt sorry for him for a tiny portion of DBTO. Teeny, tiny portion, then I went back to wanting to kick him in his manly bits. LORD he was an ass!!!! You are so right. : )

  3. I love the beginning of your review! It’s so true that Chaz is an ass!

    I loved Deceived By The Others and can’t wait for the fourth book in the series :)

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