Tempt Me Saturday!

tempt me saturday

The Mortal Bone by Marjorie M. Liu (Hunter/Maxine Kiss) – December 27, 2011

When the bond Maxine Kiss shares with Zee and the boys-the demons tattooed on her skin-is deliberately severed, the hunter is left vulnerable and unprotected. For the first time in ten thousand years, the boys have a taste of freedom-without Maxine’s guiding influence.

As they grow more violent and unpredictable, Maxine starts to fear the little demons will lose their minds without their attachment to her. But reuniting won’t be easy, as a great temptation waits for her little demons: a chance to return to their lives….and unleash hell on earth.

A Touch of Fever by Greg Cox


Hidden away in the Badlands of South Dakota, Warehouse 13 is a top-secret repository for historical artifacts imbued with dangerous supernatural properties. Secret Service agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering are ever on the lookout for loose artifacts threatening to ruin the world’s day. Their mission:“Snag it, bag it, tag it.”

Reports of a genuine psychic healer, along with a simultaneous epidemic of mysterious illnesses, lead Myka and Pete on a hazardous investigation that stretches from a carnival sideshow back to the bloody history of the Civil War. But when Pete is infected with a deadly disease, Myka and the rest of the team, including Artie Nielsen and Claudia Donovan, must track down a pair of cursed gloves—before a madman unleashes a virulent plague upon America!

Damned by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié – August 30, 2011

The Cursed Ones, vampires, have made their presence known to mankind. They promised to help bring peace to the world, but instead declared war on humanity. The identity of their leader is unknown. Most people are too afraid or otherwise unwilling to take a stand. Others, like eighteen-year-old Jenn Leitner, train to become vampire fighters and risk everything in the process.

The six Salamancan hunters are at war with the vampires–and at war with their teammates. Heated arguments threaten to fracture the group and tensions run high. Jenn, the newly appointed Hunter, wavers in her leadership, but is steadfast in her desire for revenge against the vampire who converted her sister. With Russia being ravaged by an even more sinister power, Jenn must overcome her personal vendettas and lead Team Salamancan into battle. But with her beloved Antonio doting over her now-vampire sister, can Jenn find the inner strength to trust his faithfulness to her? The team? And most importantly, can she trust her inner strength?

In Damned, each member of the Salamancan team will be challenged and each will face a devastating loss. It is always darkest before dawn….

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