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2011 Blog CrawlFor the second year in a row, Kassa from 3am is hosting the Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl and this year a couple of us at Literary Escapism are taking part!  Yesterday’s letter was to JK Rowling from the fabulous I Love Books and tomorrow’s will be at Reading Writing and Life…Oh My!.  Plus, Lisa will be posting her own letter later tonight!

Dear Christine Feehan,

Because I’m such an avid reader, I literally have hundreds of favorite authors. But whenever anyone asks me who my favorite author is, your name is always at the top of my list for a multitude of reasons: the lush, detailed, vibrant worlds you create; the depth of the emotions every character feels; the intense battle scenes that keep readers on the edges of their seats; and the love that practically drips off of every page.

I have to say that I was way too young when I had my first introduction to the Dark Carpathian world via Dark Hunger in the anthology Hot Blooded, but you hooked me from the very first sentence and I devoured every other book and novella you had already published. Then I would sit on pins and needles waiting for your next book to be released (often times rereading your books to help make the wait more bearable).

The amount of details that you pour into each story never detracts from the plot but only drags me further into the story. I’ve been so engrossed that I’ve literally heard the monkeys screaming warnings to the Carpathians that a vampire has come into the jungle, or I’ll hear the gunfire as the Ghostwalkers (Shadow Game) fight to save a senator’s life. It’s not only the background noises that enhance the stories but times when Lily is describing the latest Ghostwalker’s psychic talent, or when Rikki was on her boat, I feel as if I’m actually learning something. It’s very obvious that you spend a lot of time researching everything that your characters do. Unlike other authors who don’t throughly describe a psychic talent, or leave out details to be created by the reader’s imagination, the details in your novels give them a realness that others lack.

Even though I’m already a helpless romantic, and always will be, every time I read one of your novels it reinforces my belief in True Love. Every hero is strong, smart, loyal, and ready to protect his woman, even if his odds in the upcoming battle are less than hopeful. But of course, not every woman is willing to go and hide while their man is fighting for their lives, so instead she goes and fights by his side. Together they work to overcome every obstacle, and every novel proves time and time again that the best kind of relationship is a partnership. Not to mention, that the sex is usually quite explosive and leaves me fanning myself.

It’s not only the love between the hero/heroine, but the unyielding love between family members (most especially seen in the Drake Sisters series and Water Bound). Having two sisters of my own, I imagine I would have gone insane long ago with five others, but when reading the Drake Sisters series, I loved the idea of having so many supporters, so many sisters to have my back. You also showed how sisters are apt to bicker (something I’m very familiar with) once again bringing that realness into your novels.

Overall, what I’m trying to say is that I see you as the perfect author. Your novels captivate me; the amount of time, effort and research you put into each is always so vibrantly obvious; and the emotions of the characters, the love, hate, anger, fear and everything else, is so real, so gritty, that my own emotions parallel them throughout the story. All of that being said, you have inspired me to create my own vibrant worlds, full of loyal heroes and kickass heroines. Worlds that I hope to one day share with the rest of the world and that will hopefully inspire someone else as you’ve inspired me.

Your loyal fan,

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  1. Lovely letter Casey. I have to admit to not (yet) having read any of Christine Feehan’s books. I think the sheer number of them has me running scared *blushes* Maybe I need to bite the bullet and try one? *grin*

  2. Great letter! I went through a CF phase where I read anything and everything she wrote. I’ll admit I burnt out on her series when they became repetitive but I still hold the first few books in a kind of scared place in my heart.

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