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Blood Noir by Laurell K Hamilton (Anita #16) is going to be released in paperback form May 26, 2009.  Even though I already have it in hardcover (and signed…awesome), I’ll be at the store.  My collection has to be complete after all.  :)  The same goes for Swallowing Darkness (Merry #7).  It’s due to be released as paperback September 29, 2009.


Make sure you head over to Fangs, Fur & Fey today.  The current Topic of the Week is about various reader cons and if you’re looking for any, this would be a good place to start.

CONTEST ALERT – Have you seen Terry Spear’s post yet?  Why not, we’re giving away a copy of Destiny of the Wolf.  Also, I know I have a couple of contest winners to announce, but those announcements will be made next week, that way I can send all three winners info in at the same time.

There’s another reader weekend being planned for October.  The Authors After Dark are putting together their first weekend and Jacquelyn Frank is the host.  The event is scheduled for October 23-25,2009 in Suffern, NY and they are only accepting 200 participants, so if you want in on the action…

More Weekly Geeks fun and this time, I’m in a Laurell K. Hamilton type of mood…

“Maybe they know what I know, that the true way to a man’s heart is six inches of metal between his ribs. Sometimes four inches will do the job, but to be really sure, I like to have six.” – Narcissus in Chains

“I remembered twenty. I’d known everything at twenty. It took me another year to realize I knew nothing. I was still hoping to learn something before I hit thirty, but I wasn’t holding my breath.” – Circus of the Damned

“There comes a point when you either embrace who and what you are, or condemn yourself to be miserable all your days. Other people will try to make you miserable; don’t help them by doing the job yourself.” – Laurell K. Hamilton

“Neither love nor evil conquers all, but evil cheats more.” – Cerulean Sins

“Sometimes it’s not the optimist you need, but another pessimist to walk beside you and know, absolutely know, that the sound in the dark is a monster, and it really is as bad as you think. Did that sound hopeless? It didn’t feel hopeless. It felt reassuring. It felt – real.” – Blood Noir

“Death didn’t bother me much. Strong Christian and all that. Method of death did. Being eaten alive. One of my top three ways not to go out.” – The Laughing Corpse

Check out what Judi at Sidhevicious Reviews gave me! I love hearing that people think my site is fabulous. Because I was nominated, the details stipulate that I need to disclose 5 things that I’m obsessed with or addicted to.

  1. Books. That should be pretty obvious. If you haven’t seen my library or my TBR list, then yeah, I’m obsessed. Just go with it.
  2. Chocolate. I can’t get rid of it. I love the stuff. Yeah, it’s a cliche, but every time I try and diet, I give up chocolate and then the diet only lasts until I come across something good or I’m starving in the check out lane at the grocery store.
  3. Formatting. Do not give me any kind of document that is horrible formatted. Seriously, it’s my one true OCD. I will spend hours trying to get it to be just right. Someone had put together a cookbook for the deep cover baker from the Pampered Chef and I didn’t like it. Eight hours later, I liked it.
  4. Facebook. I’m seriously addicted to it. I’m always on, even if I’m not paying attention, and I’m constantly checking it.
  5. I have to be organized.  I’m not sure if it’s an obsession or just whatever, but I can’t stand clutter.   Now I’m not saying the organization has to be cleaned, but there has to be a rhyme or reason to it.

So I get to give this award to 5 different people. Here they are: Alpha Heroes, Angieville, Suburban Vampire, Tez Says, and Vampire Wire.

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