Swag Bag Contest Winners Revisited

Contest WinnersI think this is a first…neither of the winners for the Swag Bag Contest contacted me for their prizes, so it looks like I get to announce two new winners.

Just to recap, the prizes came from my weekend at the Lori Foster and Dianne Castell hosted Annual Author/Reader Get Together. Since the hubby registered for the event along with me, I ended up with twice the goodies, which meant I had twice the goodies to give away! Now that the contest is over (and the first winners haven’t come forward), let’s see who gets to take home these lovely prizes. As a reminder, here are the two prize packs: Disclaimer: Each bundle consists of anything I had two of, with any single items going to the first prize. Bookmarks, trading cards and a few other paper items are not shown. For a list of what’s included, click here.

Swag Contest 6/14Swag Contest 6/14

In order to enter the contest, all you had to do is answer this one question: If you could only make it to one reader conference, which one would you go to and why? Now, without further ado, the winners are:

  1. ANNA ( from Bite Club) who said: I’d go to the RWA conference if I had the chance. It would be super cool to meet all the authors that I love and have blogged about. The problem isn’t just money though, although that is a biggie, it’s that I’m terribly shy and not very good at meeting new people. I can’t imagine being able to discuss books with any sort of coherency because everything just goes all jumbled in my brain. When I went to the Charlaine Harris signing last year I was mortified when she asked me a question and I’m pretty sure I just mumbled a quick thank you ma’am and scurried off. She probably thought I was a deranged fan. Can you imagine how boggled I’d be in a room full of authors?
  2. KIRA (from Kira’s Book Addiction) who said: I would love love love to go to RomCon… Usually ALL my faves are there. But alas, it is so. Far. Away. Blargh… RWA is the closest and it falls this year on a weekend I have not one, but two weddings I’m in. /sad.

Congratulations Anna and Kira!


You have one week to send me an email at jackie AT literaryescapism DOT com, with the contest you won in the subject line, otherwise I’ll draw a new name when I post the current contest winners next weekend.

As always, I determined the winners by inputting all the entries into the List Randomizer, scrambling it up a couple of times, and then had the Research Randomizer pick a number.

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  1. wow can’t believe the first winners didn’t come forward, I will gladly take one if the new winner don’t step up lol ;)
    congrats winners

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