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Oohhh, check out the cover art for the new Keri Arthur novel, Deadly Desire. It’s the next Riley Jensen novel.

Jeri Smith-Ready has been cornered again and this time she is over at Love Romances talking about her new novel, Wicked Game. She’s also at The Bradford Bunch talking about all the fun stuff she learned while researching for Wicked Game.

Patrice Michelle is asking an interesting question over at Fangs, Fur, & Fey. She wants to know if readers like reading the deleted scenes from books or seeing the deleted scenes from movies. Also at FFF, Jess Battis talks about What’s Urban in Urban Fantasy.

Sidhe Vicious has an interview up with Patrice Michelle.

I haven’t really heard of it, but there’s a werewolf novel called Benighted that is being developed into a movie. The people behind it are Andrew Adamson, the director of the first two Shrek films and the first two episodes of the Chronicles of Narnia, and producer Graham King. At the moment, it’s still in the works and being talked about, but we’ll have to wait and see if it actually comes the screen. However, we do know the basic idea behind the movie…

It’s a great story, it’s kind of dealing with issues of apartheid in a different way. It’s a world which is 95 per cent werewolves and the 5 per cent non-werewolves are kind of kept around because they can police the one night a month when everyone goes a bit anarchic.

Kelley Armstrong is over at MediaBlvd talking about maintaining a successfully writing career.

Library has an interesting article about the Urban Fantasy genre. The article breaks it down a little and gives readers an insight into a semi-new genre. There is even a list of good reads at the bottom, so it’s worth a check.

I wasn’t expecting to find this. It’s an online story by Narissa Rose, called The Silver Pentagram, and it involves werewolves. I haven’t gotten to far into the story, but it seems to be about racial tensions between humans and the newly discovered werewolf race. It would probably be classified as young adult, and it’s only Part 1 of unknown parts, but if you like new talent, I would check it out.

Pumping Your Muse Fantasy Writer has an interesting article on understanding the Fantasy genre. Here, they break down each section, idea, and subgenre of what is known as fantasy and try to give readers a better understanding.

Patricia Rosemoor is over at Shape Shifter Romance writing about the two sides of writing crossover fiction.

Charlaine Harris is going to be featured at Barnes & Noble’s Center Stage June 2nd – 6th.

Check out what else I’ve found….some True Blood stills and spoilers. I’m told there are some spoilers in it, but I haven’t seen anything glaringly obvious yet.

Minnesota Women’s Press interviews Tate Hallaway.

Thanks to Urban Fantasy Land for sharing the sneak peek to Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn.

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