Circle Trilogy by N. Roberts

The Circle Trilogy involves three novels taking place in the present. The series begins with Morrigan’s Cross, continues with Dance of the Gods, and ends with Valley of Silence. The series follows six characters who have been recruited to fight a war against a vampire named Lilith who is out to destroy, not only this world, but all other worlds as well. The Circle of Six (as they are known) consists of Holt, who travels through time to meet up with his estranged vampiric twin, Cian; where he is joined by a witch named Glenna in modern day NYC; Moira and Larkin travel from their world of Gaell; and Blair, a modern day vampire hunter who is a direct descendant of Holt and Cian.

The Circle of Six gather and begin to prepare for the war in Ireland until they must travel through the stone circle to Gaell where the war will ultimately be fought. Spanning over three months, the six learn how to be warriors and discover what it is to be human during a monstrous war. Each of the six find their own ways to deal with the horrors they are experiencing. Morrigan’s Cross is Holt and Glenna’s story; Dance of the Gods is Larkin and Blair’s story; and Valley of Silence is Cian and Moira’s story.

I truly enjoyed this series. The magic, shape-shifting, vampiric, and romantic elements of the novels were well-balanced and there was never a moment that dragged. Instead of centering on the horrific elements, Roberts denotes them to the background and focuses on the interaction between the individuals and the situations they find themselves in. I found that these novels are a quick read because it is hard to put them down. Whether your a fan of horror or romance, these books are definitely worthy of a chance.

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