Eclipse by S. Meyer

I finished Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer today. I’m not really sure why I waited so long before reading this series.

The third novel picks up pretty much right after New Moon and we find out that graduation isn’t that far off. Bella makes a decision when trouble starts brewing in Seattle that’s going to affect the Cullen family. We also see the jealous competition between Edward and Jacob play out with a final decision there as well (do you really need to guess?). The ending is an obvious lead into the next novel, Breaking Dawn, and we can only guess at what is waiting to cause trouble.

Whenever I read a series straight through, I always find it hard to write reviews that are unique to each novel. Especially when the review for the previous novel was the last one I wrote. It’s not like the author will change her writing style or change her characters so drastically that it changes their character development; I’ve said everything before, so I really hate repeating myself. Eclipse is no different than either Twilight or New Moon. Well, I didn’t cry in this one. I do have to admit that I enjoyed the competition between Edward and Jacob. It was kind of amusing to see how each handled the other.

Overall, the novel was just as good as the previous three and all of the characters have developed into characters who we’re going to want to continue to watch. The story continued to play out seamlessly and you don’t realize that you’re reading through so much until you see where you are in the book. I’m already looking forward to the next novel, Breaking Dawn, when it comes out this august.

Read Order:
New Moon
Breaking Dawn (8/2/08)

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  1. I really liked Twilight, enjoyed New Moon and wasn’t as keen on Eclipse but I will definitely be reaing Breaking Dawn when it comes out. I’m glad you are enjoyed all three books.

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