Weekly Geeks v9.12: Also Reviewed By (pt 1)

For this weeks Weekly Geeks, we’re taking a classic from last year (well, I think it’s a classic since I’m still doing it) and encouraging others to do the same thing again.  Last year, Dewey gave us the assignment of adding links to our reviews from other readers who have read the same book.  I thought it was a great idea last year and, as long as I find reviews during a quick Google search, you’ll always see the section “Also reviewed by” at the end of each of my reviews.

This is a great idea since it not only helps other bloggers get their sites out there and some traffic, but it gives readers another opinion. When I link to someone else’s review for my review, I don’t read it.  For all I know, I could be linking to someone who hated the book, but you know what, not everyone is going to like what I like.  So this gives everyone more than one opinion to look at.

So here’s the assignment for everyone:

  1. Take a look through my reviews.  If you see one that you’ve done, leave me a comment and I’ll add you to the list I have for it (unless there isn’t one, then that means I didn’t find any during my quick search).  You can browse my reviews by either going through the review tag or each author is listed in the category section.
  2. I’ll be going through other Weekly Geekers reviews to see if we’ve reviewed the same thing.  At the end of the week, I’ll do another post saying whether or not I was successful in getting new links for my reviews and if I found anyone else who could link to me.

I really enjoy this policy, so it’s still in affect.  So for anyone who comes across my site, if you see a review you’ve read and reviewed, let me know.

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  1. I didn’t realize that this was a weekly geeks thing last year. I did notice it on several blogs and I really like the policy. I don’t always remember, but when I review a specific book, I do put a list of links to other reviews. It a good way to find new book bloggers, too.

    It’s also really helpful, toward this end, if bloggers include the author in their taglist. That way if it doesn’t pop up in google but I know I’ve read a review from you, I can find it pretty easily.

  2. I like it when other blogs have author tags too. It makes my categories long, but you know what, if you’ve heard of an author, but haven’t read anything by her, then it makes it nice to see if someone else has read her and if they’ve read a lot of her. The only time I use the author tags here is for reviews, that way people know exactly how many books I’ve read by an author.

  3. The length of the tags list worried me too, so I ended up not using it, but I created another blog(page) where I store lists of the books I have reviewed. I do generally tag a book review post with the author’s name, but the easiest way to see if I’ve mentioned a particular author anywhere is to search my blog for them. Have a look at my Crime Fiction search which I craeted after Firefly had written about her Book Search Google customised search.

  4. Hello, I came from Weekly Geeks looking for reviews we may have in common. I didn’t find any but I review a very small number of the books that I read and only in literary fiction. I have read Ender’s Game and A Brief History of Time, and I enjoyed your review where you discuss them.

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