Outlander Reading Challenge Update

Outlander Reading ChallengeI’ve been thinking about the monthly discussions for the Outlander Reading Challenge and I think I’ve worked it out.   The idea I had was that at the end of each month, we would gather in one place to discuss – either on LE’s facebook page or as a Twitter hastag.  But that’s kind of limiting in my opinion.  What happens for someone who doesn’t have a facebook or twitter profile (I’ve met someone who doesn’t have one)? So what we’ll do is each month we’ll have a monthly update where we’ll discuss the one of the Outlander novels.  This way, there’s one central location where everyone can go and discuss this fabulous series.

The only glitch in this brilliant plan of mine is the book order.  Obviously we’ll cover Outlander at the end of January, but where do we go from there?  Do we go straight through the 7 Outlander novels and then cover the Lord John ones; or do we sprinkle the Lord John novels throughout the Outlander ones so there’s a break if we need them? So there’s a choice and I’m leaving it all up to anyone participating.  Here are two optional schedules we could do:

Option 1 – the straight run Option 2 – sprinkled with Lord John
January Outlander Outlander
February Dragonfly in Amber Dragonfly in Amber
March Voyager Lord John and the Private Matter
April Drums of Autumn Voyager
May The Fiery Cross Drums of Autumn
June A Breath of Snow and Ashes Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade
July An Echo in the Bone The Fiery Cross
August Lord John and the Private Matter A Breath of Snow and Ashes
September Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade Lord John and the Hand of Devils
October Lord John and the Hand of Devils An Echo in the Bone
November The Scottish Prisoner The Scottish Prisoner
December All novels All novels

So now the choice is up to your.  I’m leaving the poll open until the end of the month and I’ll announce which option wins in December’s Escapist Newsletter.

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