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Casey Literary RantsIn which I rant about everything in the Morgan Kingsley series by Jenna Black

When I said everything, I really, truly meant everything. (From Morgan’s clothes to how I think The Devil’s Playground SHOULD have ended.) So, if you haven’t read all five books in the series (The Devil Inside, The Devil You Know, The Devil’s Due, Speak of the Devil and The Devil’s Playground) and you don’t want to have it spoiled for you (MAJORLY spoiled), then I would highly suggest that you don’t read this rant. Go read those books instead. Go on. They’re pretty darn amazing.


To start things off, I should talk about Morgan. (‘Cause, you know, this whole series is about her…) Anyway, Morgan. What’s not to love about Morgan? Seriously? She’s this tough, badass chick who wears leather pants all the time and has seven piercings in one ear, yet she blushes like a little school girl at almost any sexual innuendo. I do that too! Blush, I mean. I don’t even own any leather pants, let alone have enough badass-ness to wear them.

There are a ton of other things that Morgan and I have in common, but I should probably keep those things to myself and not announce them to the world. (Hi, Mom.)

 The Plot

The plot was perfect. Okay, so there were a couple of things that were a little iffy. For instance, was it really just a coincidence that Morgan’s mother was raped by the enhanced human who escaped the hospital? I mean, the guy just escaped a living hell and basically the first thing he does was rape a woman – just  few blocks away from the hospital? (Or wherever the heck it happened. But it did happen close by, didn’t it?) Shouldn’t he, I don’t know, run really far away before he acts with his second brain?

My theory on that is: Raphael realized that what they were doing at the Healing Circle wasn’t making much progress and he needed someone to be able to host Lugh. He let the guy “escape” and used his demon mojo to force the guy to rape Morgan’s mother so that Morgan would be conceived and be the perfect host for Lugh. Maybe he didn’t do it just the once, and there are actually many people out in the world who are capable of hosting Lugh with no one knowing about it, and Raphael picked Morgan because she’s so awesome. (And, yeah, because he was in Andrew. But since he was in Andrew for ten whole years, it would seem that he already knew he was going to use Morgan.

That Relationship Stuff

Quick, little, random, side-note question time: Am I the only one who kind of secretly hoped that Morgan, Adam and Dom would end up in a crazy, three-person relationship? Oh, I know it would NEVER ever work out. Adam and Morgan would literally kill each other in about a week, and Dom would never be able to stand the fact of Adam and Morgan having sex. Remember in The Devil Inside, when Dom willingly let Adam whip then fuck him in front of a crowd because seeing him fuck Morgan would hurt even worse? Yeah, that right there proved that a sexual relationship would never work out between the three of them. That didn’t stop me from thinking about it though. I mean, that sexual tension between Adam and Morgan was there and it was hot. And those fantasies….I don’t need to describe how hot that was, right?

Oh who am I kidding. I wanted to be the third wheel in Adam and Dom’s relationship. I doubt they’d actually want me. For one thing, I’m a girl. And another, I am so not into the whole “pain is pleasure” thing. (I practically cry over a paper cut because it hurts so much.) That fictitious relationship has failed before it even began. But a girl can dream, right?

In the beginning, I loved Brian. I do mean, I LOVED Brian. I whole heartedly agreed with Morgan, thinking he was the best thing for her. While reading, I would sit there and scream, “No! Go call Brian! Bring Brian back! I want more Brian!” He’s the guy that every woman has secretly dreamed for at least once in her life. (Yes, you did too. Or you will one day. Don’t deny it or try to fight it. It’s going to happen.) He actually wants to talk about emotions; he knows when to walk away from a fight before someone says something that they’d regret;

Then, in Speak of the Devil, my rose colored glasses were rudely ripped off my face and I saw Brian for who he really was – a pissy, whiny, two-faced little bitch! Okay, so that may have been just little harsh, but honestly, who the heck does he think he is?! He left Morgan because of a FAKE photo and when Dom told him that it was completely and utterly fake, Brian still didn’t go and apologize to Morgan.

Other little random tidbit: Even though I wanted a Morgan/Adam/Dom relationship, I never ever even thought of a Morgan/Lugh/Brian relationship. Even though, that was basically happening the whole time. In my mind, Morgan was either going to end up with Brian (boo!) or Lugh (yay!) or magically with Adam and Dom (swoon!). The way the series ended, with it still up in the air – that made me SO mad! Is it really so hard for Morgan to see what I see and realize that Brian is a freaking buttface and she totally deserves Lugh.

Other Random Thoughts/Questions

This thought just popped into my head while I was reading one of the books: Is Dom’s nickname supposed to have some deep meaning, or was it just coincidental? Clearly, in his relationship with Adam, he’s the submissive one.  I’m not saying that because he’s a sub/gay that he’s ballless – he has bigger, more badass balls that Brian, that’s for darn sure. He does (often) stand up to/defy Adam when other people (ahem, Morgan) would have run away screaming in fear of Adam’s wrath. So what I’m asking, is his nickname supposed to be some kind of metaphor for that, or have I gone beyond reading between the lines and into the realm of Teacher Thinking? (You know, that place where teachers go and come up with the craziest ideas about how a flower is actually a metaphor for life and the falling petals mean that life is short. Pure insanity. Everyone knows that flowers are simply another form of eye candy. Duh.)

Back when I actually liked Brain (humph), I thought the perfect song for him and Morgan was Arms by Christina Perri. “The world is coming down on me and I can’t find a reason to be loved, I never wanna leave you but I can’t make you bleed if I’m alone.” Doesn’t that just scream Morgan? Yes, that is totally Morgan. (It also happens to be the song that I think describes Gin and Owen from Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series. Gin and Morgan are a lot alike…and I just really love that song.)

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