Black Friday Contest: Saints Astray by Jacqueline Carey

Black FridayWhat is a Black Friday without a few gifts and surprises? Jacqueline Carey wanted to be here, but due to deadlines (and we totally want more stories, right?), she was unable to participate. However, she’s sent along this fabulous beauty instead: Saints Astray.

JCarey-Saints AstrayFellow orphans, amateur vigilantes, and members of the Santitos, Loup Garron-the fugitive daughter of a genetically engineered “wolf man”-and Pilar Ecchevarria grew up in the military zone of Outpost 12, formerly known as Santa Olivia. But now they’re free, and they want to help the rest of the Santitos escape. During a series of escapades, they discover that Miguel, Loup’s former sparring partner and reprobate surrogate brother, has escaped from Outpost 12 and is testifying on behalf of its forgotten citizens-at least until he disappears from protective custody. Honor drives Loup to rescue Miguel, even though entering the U.S could mean losing her liberty. Pilar vows to help her.

It will take a daring and absurd caper to extricate Miguel from the mess he’s created but Loup is prepared to risk everything… and this time she has help.

We are giving away an ARC of Saints Astray and I know you want it. *grin*

Meet Jacqueline Carey!

Jacqueline CareyAn avid reader, Jacqueline began writing fiction as a hobby in high school. After receiving B.A. degrees in psychology and English literature from Lake Forest College, she took part in a work exchange program and spent six months working in a bookstore in London. While living abroad, the desire to write professionally emerged as a driving passion. Upon returning she embarked in earnest on a writing career, which came to fruition a decade later. During this time she worked at the art center of an area college, gaining a strong background in the visual arts. Jacqueline enjoys doing research on a wide variety of arcane topics, and an affinity for travel has taken her from Finland to Egypt to date.

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Contest Time!

Jacquenline is giving away an ARC of Saints Astray. To enter, all you have to do is answer this one question: What would be the perfect gift for renegade bent on going where she’s not suppose to be? Remember, you must answer the question in order to be entered.

Even though I’m not giving the additional entries any more, you can still help support the author by sharing their article, and this contest, on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere you can. After all, the more people who are aware of this fabulous author ensures we get more fabulous stories.

The winner must post a review of the novel someplace. Whether it is on their own blog, Amazon, GoodReads, LibraryThing or wherever, it doesn’t matter. Just help get the word out.

All Black Friday contests will remain open until December 31st at which time I’ll determine the winner with help from the snazzy new plug-in I have. Have you checked out the other Black Friday contests yet? Check out the Master List to see all the Black Friday giveaways

I have not been contacting winners, so you will need to check back to see if you’ve won.

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  1. I would get the renegade a perfect alibi so they won’t know exactly where she was – and a digital camera to take pictures of what they don’t want you to see! :-)

    I loved Santa Olivia so I’m really excited about Saints Astray!! :-)

  2. The perfect gift for a renegade going where she’s not supposed to be is an assortment of great disguises.

    This sounds like a fantastic book and I’m going to add it to my wish list.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  3. I loved the first book and I would totally gift that renegade a katana, because it seems all fierce ladies who are renegades have one.
    That or some kick arse boots since they made be doing a lot of kick arsery.

    terilhack at yahoo dot com

  4. I would give her a Mary Poppins esque bag where she could magically store all of her weapons and such and have it weigh almost nothing but hold everything.
    This looks like a fabulous sequel, I just ordered the first book because I loved the sound of it. Cannot wait to start reading it.

    kasuranna at yahoo dot com

  5. I think the standard leather outfit with the black leather trench that can hide all the tools of the trade she will need.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  6. a mirror that shows where she wants to be!! or something like the marauders map from harry potter.. shows her where people are near her

  7. I would give her a bag that compresses the contents, allowing her to carry lots of things, and a book listing the various dangers she might come across. Also a water bottle- always important.

  8. I’d give her a heart to heart talk before she left. I’f that didn’t change her mind, I’d also give her a cell phone so that she could call when she realized her mistake and some cash to help her get by.Thank you for the giveaway! Seasons Greetings! :D

  9. Oh I have no idea, maybe some extra weapons, or something really cute and girly to totally mess with their badass image, like something pink and frilly. Thanks!

  10. I’d make sure she had one of those guns that shoots a grappling hook, plus an attachment that would let her zip down the line should she need to make a fast get-away.

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