Sebastian by A. Bishop

After reading Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy, I wanted more and I found the Ephemera series. The series starts with Sebastian and I’m finding myself enjoying this novel, yet I’m seeing some similarities with the Black Jewels trilogy.

We’re introduced to the world of Ephemera by way of Sebastian, an incubus who lives in the dark landscape of the Den of Iniquity. Years and years ago, there was a great war in Ephemera that broke the world apart and only Landscapers were able to save it by splintering it even more in order to fight It. Now the landscapes are only connected by bridges and just because you cross one to go to another landscape, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get there. The bridges and landscapes are all apart of Ephemera and she will send you where your heart belongs. Now It is back and Ephemera prepares for war yet again.

I could write about how much Sebastian and his world remind me of the Black Jewels, but I won’t go into too much detail. I will say this – Ephemera has an intriguing premise, and while it has some similarities with Janelle’s world, it is completely in a league of it’s own. The story has a lot of twists and hidden agendas, but it’s a lot lighter than the Black Jewels. Janelle and Belladonna share a lot of the same personality quirks, but Belladonna is more naive and innocent. Sebastian could easily be compared to Daemon, however he’s softer. He has his problems, but he tries to be something he isn’t. He’s half incubus half human, but his incubus side rules him to the point where he is constantly fighting to be human. He wants to live like a human, but he lives in the dark and he has to struggle with his demon nature constantly.

Overall, this novel was an excellent read. I loved the Black Jewels trilogy and I was hoping for something like it when I picked up Sebastian; what I got instead was a great novel that reflected Bishop’s style, but was a completely different experience. Sebastian is only the beginning and there is trouble on the horizon and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Belladonna, the second novel in the Ephemera series.

Read Order:
Sebastian (excerpt)
Belladonna (excerpt)

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  1. I keep meaning to get around to this series as I love The Black Jewels books. Once I have read Tangled Webs I plan on starting them.

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