Bedeviled by Sable Grace

SGrace-BedeviledA kick-ass heroine, a hunky demigod and an impossible mission that they refuse to give up on – Bedeviled by Sable Grace had all the elements to be an amazing novel. To me, though, it fizzled, not quite reaching its full potential.

Kyana thought only to save her friend’s life when she fed Haven her blood; instead, she created a monster. Now the woman she thought of as a sister is under the spell of an ancient, vengeful god, determined to set him free and wreak havoc on the mortal world . . . and only Kyana can stop her.

But time is running out. In just seven days, Kyana’s Vampyre and Lychen abilities will be gone and she’ll be completely transformed into the Goddess of the Hunt—and her blood ties to Haven will be severed. By her side is Ryker—ally, demigod, lover— who will sacrifice everything to keep Kyana safe . . . even the attraction that burns between them. Together they have one chance to save Haven from herself . . . to save humanity from hell on earth.

Before you pick up Bedeviled by Sable Grace, I highly recommend that you read Ascension first. Bedeviled jumps right into the action, starting immediately after the end of Ascension and giving only the bare minimum of the background story. That probably annoyed me most of all, because even though I did read Ascension, there were times I was confused and could have used a refresher.

My other problem with Bedeviled was Kyana herself. Even though Kyana was a kick-ass heroine, and I was rooting for her to save Haven, I didn’t really like her. I can’t even come up with a definitive reason as to why I didn’t like her; just that I enjoyed reading Bedeviled during the scenes from someone else’s point of view.Maybe it was because I didn’t like Kyana so much that I found the sexual tension between her and Ryker to be kind of dull. Yeah, he was hot, honorable and able to kick butt yet every time he was with Kyana I never saw/understood the connection.

The plot was full of action and twists that was written well enough to keep me hooked throughout Bedeviled. If it wasn’t for all the fighting, I’d have given it up as a lost cause because when Kyana wasn’t kicking butt she was having some kind of emotional scene with Ryker (sex, verbal sparing, I-want-you-but-I’m-going-to-leave-you-because-of-demons-from-my-past, etc.) and like I said before, I just didn’t get that connection between the two of them.

Overall, Bedeviled was a pretty good book. Sure, I had some problems with it, but it was written well enough to keep me hooked despite those problems.

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